2020 & You: Now What? Part II


By: Austin Alexander – March 27, 2020

Part I

Recently, we ran a piece to assist prep players in terms of how to adjust to the downtime, yet remain being prepared when the time comes to re-take the field. So, since many of the All-Decade players are still active and have time on their hands too, DP reached out to a handful of them and the question read this way, “What are you doing to stay in shape and ready, perhaps any advice you have for young players trying to do the same?” Here is the feedback we received in their words: 

EdwardsCJbal16CJ Edwards – Seattle Mariners, RHP: Couple things I have been doing is mirror work & watching videos. And the sock drill allows you to play catch with yourself if you cannot be around others right now. You get a long baseball sock, pull it up your arm get some duct tape and tape it above bicep and you can play catch with yourself to avoid contact with others.

CiuffoNick RaysC18Nick Ciuffo – Texas Rangers, C: With all the uncertainty going on in the game and in the world right now, I try to do everything I would normally do in January like I am getting ready for the season. With that being said we don’t have an official date to be back so everything will change constantly which is why a routine is going to be critical.

GreinerGray DecC19Grayson Greiner – Detroit Tigers, C: I would tell guys to take this awful situation and use it to better yourself in everything. Work out harder, swing more, eat better, sleep better, control what you can control. No matter what stage you’re in in your career, be ready when the time comes where we can play again. I am working out every morning, hitting/throwing/catching pens in the afternoons/evenings.

HopkinsTJhomer19TJ Hopkins – Cincinnati Reds, OF: A routine. I like being in a routine where I know what I’m doing each day and at what time. And now I try to hit every day and lifting has been the hardest part. I do a bunch of lifts just in my garage because all the gyms are closed.

OwingsChris stanceDbacks18Chris Owings – Colorado Rockies, UTL: I’m continuing as if this were January and I’m getting ready for spring training again. Just a lot different than a normal year would be. I’m doing my normal workouts but not as easy to get out with the group I normally work with in the offseason. I’m spending a lot of my time taking dry swings in the mirror, visualizing favorite swings from the past, watching old swings and doing drills to keep me ready for when baseball starts up again.

Imagery- I use this a lot to prepare for games. Visualizing myself in the on deck circle telling myself & body how to get ready for my at bat. I walk to the plate and go through at bats. End the session with some of your favorite swings and the feeling of the ball jumping off your bat.

StokesMadison finishPhils19Madison Stokes – Philadelphia Phillies, INF: I do a lot of core work and body weight workouts. Fortunately, I have some weights so I get to use those as well. Lots of tennis ball off the wall drills with barehand. Dry swings in the mirror to break it down and continue to make adjustments. My main advice would be to stay active as possible and avoid sitting down, worst thing for you especially when we get back into playing games. I do a lot of pilates and yoga which I find all of my stuff on YouTube.

dp Fist Bump: It was such a pleasure years ago to have a front row seat in watching these guys go from prospects to professionals, teenagers to husbands and fathers too! We thank each of them for getting right back to us as a form of encouragement plus advice to the next wave of superstars.