The Right Way II

I was reading your column today about Kirby Puckett’s

death. His death really saddens me, not just as a Twins
fan, but personally. His plaque in Cooperstown says
"infectious enthusiasm.” He played the game like a kid
who just enjoyed what he was doing and it had an
effect on everyone around him. The Twins would not
have won a World Series in ‘87 and ‘91 without him. I
remember telling my wife during the ‘91 World Series what a
great player he was and her telling me, "he was fat.” I
guess, to her, he did not fit the stereotype of what an
athlete should look like. 
A lot of today’s athletes are huge athletic specimens 
that make Kirby look like he did not belong in pro sports.                                    
But he had that one thing that cannot be seen from a 
physical aspect. He had a love and passion and respect 
for the game and those around him that made them all 
believe that they could do the impossible. The ultimate                                     
team player. It is a shame my son will never really get                                          
to see him play the game they way it should be played. 
You get to go around and watch kids play the game I
have always loved. Please find us the next Kirby