Player Profile: Greg Pearson

Name: Greg Pearson            

High School (coach): Socastee High School-John Daurity

Graduation year: 2008

Position(s): 2nd base, pitcher, all other infield positions

Other sport(s) played in high school: None

Height: 5’ 10”

Weight: 160

Bats: Right

Throws: Right

GPA: Weighted–4.1


PSAT: 1250


Class rank: N/A

Academic awards: Student of the Month-DEC., Honor Student, History Club

Intended major: Sports Management, Business Administration

Parent’s names (college attended, if any): Gary Pearson-Staten Island College, Karen Pearson

Summer team (coach): JR American Legion Post 178- John Daurity

Fall team (coach): Coastal Hurricanes-Wayne Knab

High School statistics: See Coach Daurity for stats or click here

P’s-Top MPH: 77 Fastball, 73 Slider, 69 Curve, 64 Change-up

Hobbies: Running, Basketball, Football, Movies

List any community service or charity work you have done: Various fund raisers at school, such as Red Cross Drive, Athletic Dept fundraiser, Fundraiser for seriously ill student

Would you consider a junior college? Yes

What do you want a college coach who is reading this to know about you? I am a team player and would sacrifice anything for the team. I work as hard during the off-season as in-season. I am a student of the game and I know there is still so much to learn. I’ve been told by my coaches I am very coachable. I enjoy the strategic side almost as much as the physical side of the game.

List your top five college choices: 1. Winthrop, 2. Coastal Carolina, 3. Lander University, 4. College of Charleston