Scout Day: Dorman

By: Nick Nickles February 18, 2010 

Ben Waddle has a young Dorman team in 2010 that remains athletic. Year in and year out, Waddle’s clubs consistently run better than other clubs during workouts. This simply proves the program’s dedication to 12-month weight room and conditioning workouts. While no individual did anything that stood out during the workout, mostly every kid in the program graded out above high school average. Here’s a look at the 2010 Dorman Cavaliers.  


 Name Grade Time
 Hunter Cole 11th 6.97
 Ian McKinney 12th 7.09
 Alex Rogers 11th 7.18
 Christian Millwood 11th 7.17
 Ethan Moore 11th 7.60
 Tyler Wilson 12th 6.90
 Adam Armstrong 11th 7.66
 Joseph Metz 12th 6.96
 Tyler Crocker 11th 7.87
 Dillion Bonner 11th 7.51
 Zach Metts 12th 6.96
 Wes Schuler 11th 7.16
 Michael Sobeski 12th 7.58
 Bradley Scruggs 10th 7.14
 Will Thompson 10th 6.99
 Fisher Easterling 12th 7.05


Catchers-Pop Times

 Name Grade Time
 Tyler Crocker 11th 2.37
 Ethan Moore 11th 2.15


Outfield-Top Arms

 Rank Name Grade
 1 Joseph Metz 12th
 2 Zach Metts 12th
 3 Tyler Wilson 12th


Infield-Top Arms

 Rank Name Grade
 1 Hunter Cole 11th
 2 Fisher Easterling 12th
 3 Will Thompson 10th


Infield-Top Actions

 Rank Name Grade
 1 Hunter Cole 12th
 2 Will Thompson 10th
 3 Christian Millwood 11th



 Name Grade R/L FB CB/SL CH
 Ian Mckinney 12th L 81-84 70-72 Solid at times 
 Will Thompson 10th R 81-83 occasional arm side run67-69 62 
 Fisher Easterling 12th R 81-84 70-7273 
 Hunter Cole 11th R  83-86 73-74 
 Micheal Sobeski 12th R 59-62 "Subby"  
 Wes Schuler 11th R 84 71 

DP Note: All velocity readings were recorded with a Stalker radar gun.

Top Prospects

 Rank Name Grade Position
 1 Hunter Cole 11th 3B/OF
 2 Wes Schuler 11th OF 
 3 Fisher Easterling 12th 3B/OF/RHP
 4 Tyler Wilson 12th OF
 5 Ian McKinney 12th LHP
 6 Will Thompson 10th 2B
 7 Tyler Crocker 11th CI/DH/C
 8 Joseph Metz 12th OF 
 9 Zach Metts 12th OF

DP Note: Prospect Rankings are based on the player’s current ability level combined with how he projects at the next level.