Scout Day 2008: Greenville Red Raiders

By: Nick Nickles-February 7, 2008 

Greenville High hosted DP on a beautiful day for baseball on the outskirts of downtown Greenville right across the street from the new Greenville Drive minor league facility. Coach Steve Scolamiero is looking to hang tough this season in Region 1-3A with perennial powers Pickens and BHP predicted to be the strongest teams in the region. Coach Scolamiero’s best days lie ahead with a solid group of freshmen and sophomores that will possibly push him into the upper tier portion of this region by next season. DP will break down the Varsity and JV’s by the numbers to give you glimpse of the future and present state of Greenville Red Raider baseball.   

60 Times

 Name  Class  60 Times
 Livingston Moyd  Sr  8.47
 Andy Atwood  Sr  7.72
 Boomer Coleman  Jr  7.63
 Nathan Welch  Jr  7.37
 Tony Duncan  Jr  7.09
 Forest Stulting  Jr  Did not run
 Wes Herndon  So  Did not run
 Clinton Barabas  So  7.94
 Parker Wise  Fr  8.59
 Alexander Moyd  Fr  7.85
 Alex Thompson  Fr  7.87
 Sheloid Hunter  Fr  7.50
 Stefon Atkinson  Fr  7.66
 Jake Koenig  Sr  7.16
 Mark Giguere  Sr  7.22
 Clay Evans  Sr  7.34
 Matthew Roberts  Jr  7.47
 Luke Feisal  So  7.31
 Patrick Langley  So  7.72
 Joey Nietopski  So  Did not run
 Kyle Peterman  Fr  7.25
 Drew Fowler  Fr  7.44
 Tanner Davis  FR  7.59
 Evan Rollinson  Fr  7.78
 Kenny Ridgell  So  9.16
 David Maiorana  Fr  7.76

Top Outfield Arms

 Rank  Name  Grade
 1  Clay Evans  Sr
 2  Matthew Roberts  Jr
 3  Mark Gigure  Sr
 4  Tony Duncan  Jr
 5  Sheloid Hunter  Fr

Best Infield Actions

Rank  Name  Class
 1  Jake Koenig  Sr
 2  Andy Atwood  Sr
 3  Boomer Coleman  Jr
 4  Joey Nieptopski  So
 5  Evan Rollison  Fr

Best Infield Arms

Rank  Name  Class
 1  Jake Koenig  Sr
 2  Andy Atwood  Sr
 T3  Evan Rollison  Fr
 T3  Kyle Peterman  Fr
 5  Boomer Coleman  Jr

Catcher POP Times

 Name  Class  Pop Times
 Luke Feisal  So  2.09-2.22
 Drew Fowler  Fr  2.40-2.45
 Clinton Barabas  So  2.40-2.51
 Tanner Davis  Fr  2.57

Best BP Rounds

 Rank  Name  Class
 1  Jake Koenig  Sr
 2  Matthew Roberts  Jr
 3  Patrick Langley  So
 4  Kyle Peterman  Fr
 5  Evan Rollison  Fr
 6  Clay Evans  Sr
 7  Andy Atwood  Jr
 8  Joey Nietopski   So
 9  Mark Giguere  Sr
 10  Luke Feisal  So


 Name  Grade  Fastball  Curveball  Change
 Jake Koenig  Sr  84-85  67-70 best pitch above average high school curve  66
 Clay Evans  Sr  77 arm side run  60-62 slurves it pretty well  66
 Matthew Roberts  Jr  79-80  60-63  64-65
 Livingston Moyd  Sr  71-72  56-58  62
 Tony Duncan  Jr  76-78  60-62  62
 Nathan Welch  Jr  71-72  55  64
 Joey Nieptopski  So  72-74  61  58-60
 Kyle Peterman  Fr  73-75  62-63  62-65
 Drew Fowler  Fr  71-72  61  60
 Evan Rollison  Fr  74  62-63  64
 Alexander Moyd  Fr  72  59  60
 David Maiorana  Fr  67-70  58  59

Top Prospects

 Rank  Name  Class  Notes
 1  Jake Koenig  Sr  Good infielder, solid hitter. Will lead the Raiders
 2  Matthew Roberts  Jr  Nice left-handed stroke at the plate
 3  Luke Feisal  Soph  One of the best sophomore catchers in the state. Athletic
 4  Patrick Langley  Soph  Another line drive hitting lefty for Greenville
 5  Evan Rollison  Fr  Good young infielder, he is going to hit
 6  Andy Atwood   Sr  good little player, solid infielder.
 7  Joey Nietopski Soph   High energy, smaller guy who plays bigger
 8  Clay Evans Sr   A solid high school baseball player
 9  Kyle Peterman  Fr  Young player who can swing it a little
 10  Mark Giguere  Sr  Hits it a little, and runs okay.