2020 & You: Now What?

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By: Austin Alexander – March 19, 2020

Part II

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In times that we have never seen the likes of before, the question remains among us, “Now What?”

We have never had all the answers and certainly do not now but if you are a player or parent of a player, you must be asking yourself what to do when there is no where to go…no cage, no catcher, no coach?

In short, the hard ‘stuff’ is going to fall on YOU (the player) to stay in shape and be ready in case the bell to resume rings and you have met hardball parole.

Because the MLB Network is constantly on at the dp Headquarters, some valuable information has been passed down through the fingertips writing this to you.

For pitchers, Hall of Famer John Smoltz said this in a stoppage such of this on MLB: The first thing is to stay in cardio and physical shape, secondly-find a catcher that will be your best friend.

Via dp chat…Catchers-Per Travis Barbary, catching instructor/Manager for AAA in LA Dodgers organization: Maintain mobility, in the hips, feet and ankles. Catch and keep your arm in shape.

Via dp text…Hitters-Per Mike Hessman, hitting coach in Detroit Tigers organization: Hit, high reps, get instruction if you can, find some velo off machines if possible or etc. Condition – run, get in the gym if you can. Get creative to stay in shape!

If you are a player or parent of a player, you have at least heard from people smarter than dp on what these young men need to do in the interim. Many of you have places to work out and some do not, we are just providing you options so that you are ready when the games begin again.