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By: Austin Alexander – March 16, 2020

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What a wild last week we have all experienced! From seeing sports ripped from the landscape at every level and leaving us nothing to watch on TV to the recent decisions made by the governor and school districts, this virus pandemic has affected every single person in the country. And for those of you reading this, the cancellations have interrupted baseball season, just as we were getting started.

My youngest son and I were supposed to be in Arizona all this week bouncing from one Spring Training site to another, the father-son trip of a lifetime. As devasted as he remains (his dad too), we are hopeful to give it another shot in a year. My oldest son is depressed because he had gotten off to a good start, but at least he has four or more years of baseball ahead of him.

However, those seniors…my heart breaks for the many of them in high school and in college playing all sports who do not have a ‘next level’ to play at, it’s potentially over and they never saw it coming. Those teams that were poised to make a serious playoff run, potentially derailed…it really is sad.

Sports are a huge part of our lives recreationally, socially and professionally, so all this stinks – no doubt. For many of us athletics make the world go ‘round! BUT, the epidemic is something that the majority of us cannot wrap our minds around and must trust that those in charge are actually looking out for each of our families. The experts have more information and knowledge than we do, likely because they don’t watch sporting events as much as we do.

This is a trying time for our country and for many young people that just want to resume the endeavors they have worked so hard to achieve. Our prayers should include our national/local leaders, the stamping out of this virus and that this season of our lives will be a thing of the past very soon.

Perhaps we all need to pause and think about all the things we take for granted, like our families. Hustle and bustle, even with them is often a checklist of things on a crazy calendar that we build for ourselves. Maybe one positive out of this would be strengthening of household bonds, taking the time to reunite with friends and things of that nature.

In the meantime, Diamond Prospects will miss seeing these young men play each night but we will continue to churn out some valuable posts, some new but also some oldies but goodies from the past until the kids compete again!

Let’s face it, there is absolutely nothing we can do about which shoe is the next one to drop but we can control how we view it. As my pastor said on Sunday, we can choose to live in fear or attack the valley’s of our life with confidence. Confidence that ‘this too shall pass’ and our America Strong will thrive once more!

Be safe and we hope to see you at a ballpark real soon!