Banks’ Dream Trip





-Banks Alexander to Phoenix-

March 15-21, 2020

3/15  6:00a EST              Depart MB + in ATL (47 min) Onto PHX landing at 9:34 AM MST

                                      Drop off luggage at Jordan’s home: 7211 W Kings Ave, Peroria

                                       Rest of the day??

3/16   3:05p MST             Mariners/Rangers (CJ, Jordan, Seags, Nick, TG, Cole, Frick)

3/16-18                          Float with Lee Long/SD camp (shirts await us)

Wild Card Days                Padres Camp trumps all (Koenig/Kemp)

3/19   1:00p MST             Giants/A’s (Dugg/Goose, Grant)

3/20   3:05p MST              Giants/Cubs (Pelham)

3/21   5:15a MST              Leave PHX + Dallas (62 min) Onto MB landing at 2:21 PM EST

3/22  2:00p EST                Practice at Coastal Ca.

Miscellaneous: More time at Padres/Cubs Camp/Games

+In between game times, gotta feeling you and I will figure it out! Am so excited about this trip Munch!