dp Greater Rock Hill: Lancers Green @ Sptg Methodist College

By: Gary Randall - October 4, 2022

WallaceT tractorThe Lancers top varsity team continued their weekly match-ups against college teams along with one week facing a solid travel team organization. On this night it was a trip to Spartanburg Methodist College (SMC). The Pioneers are an immensely successful and storied baseball program complete with a number of NJCAA World Series berths and at which numerous NCAA Division 1 and MLB players have honed their baseball wares.

DP thanks go out to long-time and current SMC Head Coach Tim Wallace (pictured on his beloved Connie) for allowing the Lancer high-schoolers to try and keep pace with his talented college guys. In spots, the Lancers competed well and in few more spots, they did not.

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