2018 dp Pre-Season Rankings: 3A

 - 3A Overview -

GilbertGeo-power17Recent restructuring has created us with new rivalries while quite a few 2A SightlerJos-contact17stalwarts have found themselves in a battle with some well-decorated 3A veterans. When looking at this classification, it became difficult to rank because of the parity throughout the state. We have selected the reigning champion in the #1 spot again but expect our entire Top 10 and others to make a case for winning 3A's final game...Who knows what will happen? Time will tell! Below is our take on what may occur in 3A this year as we breakdown the overall Top 10 and knock on the door of each region too, we even ranked the strength of each conference. Enjoy what we provide our viewers through the DP lens! (left, Bishop England's Geoffery Gilbert; right, Swansea's Josiah Sightler)

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