Pro Day 2018: Overview

Scouts galore, perfect weather, top talent shines!

By: Austin Alexander - January 21, 2018

dp-prodaylogo.jpgSunday was another banner day for high school baseball, prep players, pro scouts and Diamond Prospects! ProDay14-1River Bluff High School played host to our most enjoyable event of the year, the 12th Annual DP Pro Day! After three weeks of cold temps across the state, every single component of a successful showcase collided just in time... Heaven shined on us topping out at 72 degrees, 26 (out of 30) Major League clubs were represented, a top-flight facility and talent on the roster commanded attention too... plus we serviced each player in 3 hours and 21 minutes. It was a great day in every respect!

EdwardsCJ-head16CJAA-wsring18For the second year in a row, Chicago Cubs ace reliever and DP alum Carl Edwards Jr. spoke to the players, then stuck around to mingle with parents and fans. What was really a treat this year is that he brought his 2016 World Series Campionship ring to let everyone see! Another former DP alum and longtime supporter Tanner English (Twins) was also floating around. It was so appreciated to have each one present and giving back to their roots!

DP's Pro Day has a very decorated list of players over its eleven year history, 155 performers from this event have been drafted, many of which are still presently playing professional baseball. There is a good chance that Sunday's field will add to that total.

EnglishJacob-pd18With just under 100 scouts and coaches huddled around a lane, we fired off the 60's at 10:00 AM and 14 players shot through the finish line under 7.0 seconds, several under 6.9, led by St. James senior Jacob English (right) blitzing through the 180th foot at 6.67!

KirvenJared-pd18The catchers were a group that did not disappoint as nine of them registering a time under 2.00 seconds. Senior Jared Kirven (left, Lexington) won their popping contest shooting a 1.84, followed by junior Tanner Garrison (Cardinal Newman) at 1.89.

FlanderJordan-pd18Then time for BP! High school hitters wielding wood is not always the most endearing of acts to witness, not so at Pro Day! Fortunately this year weather permitted us to hit on the field and Jordan Flanders (right, North Augusta) led us off with a bang, lifting a half dozen balls far past the LF fence in a round that turned out to be the best of the day. A large number of guys stepped in and squared up balls at a high rate but the hardest hit of the day was the screamer that Tanner Steffy (Chapin) smoked off the batters eye, a 'flight of ball' that resembled something out of Happy Gilmore! DP Disclaimer: The names in this category could be far longer. See Prospect info and video when available.

LindleyJackson-pd18JonesTyler-pd18The bullpens are what pull in quite a few cross-checkers, and even a couple of scouting directors in some years. With a longer list of invited arms in 2018, we went one at a time on the live mound and a steady stream of upper-80's fastball's blew in. TL Hanna senior Jackson Lindley (left) chimed in with a 92 MPH bolt, so did Wando senior Tyler Jones, winning the velocity award, but, Lindley took the best overall 'stuff' reigns this year, never throwing a fastball under 90 and filling up the zone with three pitches... mph-board88.pngIn all, 22 different guys eclipsed the 88 MPH barrier, 6 more hit 87. Eight total moundsmen touched 90 or better...not too shabby for January!

The usual prospects showed up and served as the cornerstone to a successful event, but the new names to pro scouts pushed Pro Day into what we'd consider as very productive day for high school baseball in South Carolina, again!

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dp logo1 AA Appreciates... At so many of our showcases, I am often told by coaches/scouts and some parents how well-run, well-organized, etc our events are, and typically they praise me personally - and that is much-appreciated. BUT, what you see at any DP event are the fruits of labor from so many awesome people that have their fingerprints on anything we do. As with any business, quality humans are imperative to any successful operation, we are no different. Selfishly I do believe our execution of a gameplan is a well-oiled machine, but only because of the folks there and behind the scenes too! So again, I want to publicly acknowledge my sincere appreciation of the legit guys and gals that I have been blessed enough to insulate myself with. Well-done DP family, together we are leaving our stamp on the futures of young men and a great sport!

RiverBluff-RFpole14 DP Fist Bump: A special thanks is in order to Mark Bonnette, his coaching staff and River Bluff High School once again. Even in January and after winter weather galore passed through the state, their 'Division I' facility and accommodation to us was beyond first class, which is greatly appreciated by all in attendance! Coach Bonnette, we really appreciate the ways you have allowed us to advance baseball in our state!