dp Greater Rock Hill: Lancers 1 @ Cleveland CC

By: Gary Randall - October 20, 2021

ParksDevin stance21I ask you - to what amazing lengths is Diamond Prospects willing to go for coverage of its Fall League games?!?! Yesterday, the end of Week 6 and regular season play, it was all the way up into NC to see this match-up. Ok…enough of that; I was joking. The game was in Shelby, NC, about an hour’s drive and perhaps a tad shorter drive than to the home field of our Volunteer entry in the DP GRH League. It was not a burden and many, many times not comparative to some of the long and late night drives encountered in thirty-two years of pro scouting. I actually enjoy the process of driving, seeing the world pass by, stopping here and perhaps there to do whatever for a short period of time. Then by design, I end up at a ballpark to scout players/teams playing the best game on the planet – baseball!

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