dp Grand Strand: Flyers vs Pandas

By: Austin Alexander – October 13, 2021

JohnsonHay balfl21Another Wednesday, another recap that begins this way – well, it was a beautiful night with a slight breeze at The Ripken Experience under sunny skies! Folks arrived to the park with the music rolling and another exciting night of baseball was ready to rock-n-roll! On this Hump Day, the Camals were playing host to the Panthers squad in Loris while the Flyers and Pandas were slated to square-off at the marquee Griffith Field. These are two clubs who are comprised of 30 players hailing from eleven various high schools that did not field a team. So, we took those boys whose desire was to play weekday baseball and created three such outfits in this 6-squad, first-year league.

The Pandas were victorious in this one 13-5, but that was far from the story on this night. We will get to that!

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