dp Greater Rock Hill: Copperheads/Bruins DH

By: Gary Randall - September 27, 2021

WilsonHarrson field21I ventured down and over from Rock Hill to Lancaster and locally (and probably regionally as well) legendary Doomsday Corner, the home baseball field for Lancaster HS and their Bruins. To say that a number of VERY good ballplayers have played on that field may not quite paint the exact picture. I have heard a few stories and they and the ballplayers were no doubt impressive.

On this evening the Copperheads and Bruins matched up in a double-header of younger and older teams. Coach Stas Swerdzewski brought in a couple of talented teams winning both games. His program has senior players for the first time in the school’s young history and they should be a force to be reckoned with come Spring of 2022.

Coach Will Celmer and his two Bruin squads weren’t the better teams this evening, but there will also be nights when the Copperheads won’t be either. This fall league is primarily about getting better and opportunity to do just that was afforded to all players.

The game of baseball… at its best… is played by players working hard at pitching, hitting, base running, throwing and fielding well. And, if that is done well, perhaps at the end of the game your team will have tallied more runs than the opposing team. If you have – good - keep working at pitching, hitting, base running, throwing and fielding at your next practice and/or on your own. If you happened not to have outscored your opponent in the game – guess what – yep…keep working on improving those same baseball skills.

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