DP Greater Rock Hill Fall-Star Game

By: Gary Randall & Jeff Kerr - November 4, 2020



There should always be a little sparkle to an all-star event, which includes a few things that are not the norm, that are above the norm, better than the norm. Well, that was the goal of last night’s 5th Annual DP Greater Rock Hill All-Star Game. From the special all-star jerseys on the backs of forty talented high school ballplayers, to on-field BP, some thrown by former MLB pitcher and current head coach at LCA Devon Lowery, to pre-game in/out, to the up and running inning-by-inning scoreboard, to pre-game and between-innings music, to the PA announcer, to player introductions, to the National Anthem kicking off the game, to a four-man umpire crew, to the Chester Baseball Complex main field being in as good a condition as it has been all year, and to players having just a bit more adrenaline running through their veins…it WAS an event that eclipsed the norm last evening and DP is thankful for all who assisted in making that happen.

For starters, special thanks go out to players, parents and coaches for their interest in even having the DP Fall League this year. No on campus high school baseball fields were available for game use or even for team practice. Covid-19 was always lurking and travel to available ballparks was extended, as was the later hours everyone involved arrived safely at home after a regular season ballgame. Kudos to all of you for your interest, efforts and participation.

Before diving into the all-star game itself along with the player scoop, recognizing a few folks for their support in making the league go is required. Thank you Guy Hall, Chester Co. Field Maintenance and Concessionaire for the ASG, Jeremy McCoy, Chester Baseball Complex field supervisor, Josh Heffner, Co-coach of the Hill Cats and Republic Field (Great Falls) field supervisor, Scott Catoe, instrumental in allowing use of Lancaster Legion Field and the folks at Kershaw West Complex for the use of that baseball facility. Additionally, a season can’t be played well without umpires, so for the fifth consecutive year our appreciation goes out to Gary Keller and the Catawba Umpires Association. 

Stepping up to plate and investing themselves in the ASG itself, in addition to some of the folks just mentioned, fist bumps go out to the three coaches for each all-star team: American League-Tripper Crisson (York Comp. HS), Devon Lowery (Legion Collegiate Academy) and Will Celmer (Lancaster HS). National League-Mike Lucas (Andrew Jackson HS), Jeremy McCoy (Rock Hill HS) and Garrison Clinton (Clover HS).

Additionally, DP is grateful for fine work done by Craig Shipman (ASG PA Announcer), Kelly Clayton (ASG Scoreboard and Music Operator) and not to be omitted, our BP and ASG foul-ball hawks Zander Sutton and Kobe Thurmond.

Finally yet importantly, a special thank you is extended to a special person and the coach of the Indian Land HS baseball Warriors, Joey Robinson, who will resign after this semester. He was on the field last night getting his last coaching fix (for who knows how long) hitting In/Out for the National League All-Stars and enjoying the comradery with his three all-star players and coaches on both sides of the field. Our most sincere thanks, appreciation and prayers go with Joey and his family. 


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