4A Finals I: Chapin @ Airport

By: Cory Welch – May 12, 2018 

AustinCade rel18

Airport High School was the site for the first game of the AAAA State Championship series and DP was on hand to cover tonight’s action. This marked Airport’s first appearance in the championship series since 2013 and Chapin is back in the series for the first time since 2002. Obviously, these two clubs had successful season to get here, but had to play two games on Wednesday night to punch their ticket. Fans packed the stands and down the lines and for good reason. These two schools are only separated by twenty-four miles, so it gave parents, students, and fans every opportunity to witness this contest. What was forecasted to be a hot evening turned in to a pleasant one as we caught a break from Mother Nature. Storms surrounded the area all afternoon but spared the park with the exception of a few sprinkles. First pitch was originally scheduled for 7:00 but was pushed back to 7:30 to insure both teams had time to prepare after batting practice was banged. Now let’s dig in to tonight’s contest and see who took the opening game of a series that has the potential to be an exciting one!

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