Playoffs: Liberty @ Blacksburg

By: Chris Nall – April 25, 2018

ConnellKirby throw18 2Playoff baseball is exciting, but after two straight days of rain, it was extra special to get to see baseball tonight! With this being the opening game, both teams were able to send their ace to the mound. Liberty sent out one of the top sophomore arms in the state, Colin Finster, while Blacksburg countered with Tennessee commit, Kirby Connell (pictured). Both arms lived up to the hype in what turned into, a quick 90 min contest, that was fun to watch!

Tip of the cap to Blacksburg skipper, Josh Batchler and everyone that helped him get the field ready. There was a lot of speculation to whether this game was going to be played on Blacksburg’s home field or moved to another location. With the help of many parents and coaches (including the AD), Coach Batchler was able to provide a quality playing surface for tonight’s game.

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