Diamond Invitational

By: Austin Alexander & Cory Welch - April 5-6, 2018

DiamondInvite-logoThe 8th Annual South Carolina Diamond Invitational was, again, star-studded and filled with teams whose arrow is pointing firmly up. A very talented field of clubs was assembled and allowed fans to enjoy some individual exploits along with contests that rolled out game after game with late inning drama!

Eight teams from all three area codes invaded Blythewood High School's immaculate playing surface and facility that seems to add a new feature each year to a venue that is already envious for most prep programs.

DP was propped up for the entirety of Days 1 & 2 at "The DI". In lieu of lengthy recaps, we will connect you to the event website for those details as we focus on some more important evaluation aspects of what we saw through our lens.

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