Fall Showcase Recap: 2022

By: Austin Alexander – November 5-6, 2022

BatesEthan fall22We have been doing this dp thing for 17 seasons now; that covers quite a few events at plenty of sites and encompassing its fair share of talent over time. This weekend at River Bluff ranks up there as each of us walked away with more excitement than usual of the names previously unknown to us made it clear that they are good now and aren’t disappearing any time soon!

We were at River Bluff HS again on November 5-6 and sure do love the hospitality. Most young kids and parents have never been there, it’s a fairly impressive place! And we have been fortunate to call it home many times. Oddly warm temperatures greeted us and intermittent showers on Sunday never interrupted on-field action. Each day ended one hour ahead of the intended scheduling finale.

The usual execution of the 60’s, defensive workout, batting practice and bullpens preceded games for each team in attendance.

From the combine ‘stuff’ i.e., measurables, it was quite apparent that prospects in our state was talent-rich. Strom Thurmond 2023 catcher Ethan Bates (pictured at top) had a day we will reminisce about years from now. He is the guy that we do this ‘dp thing’ for! This unsigned senior checked every single box on Day 1: Arm strength, throwing accuracy, BP raw power – including a bomb and upon further investigation, grit and good makeup. We did not know the player 48 hours ago, we will not forget his exhibition in this viewing.

KleinJake fall22Easily the best pitching performance (and there were a few) was from Oceanside Collegiate 2024 LHP Jake Klein’s 8-up, 8-down outing with the use of four pitches in very quick order. Command matched the moxie he exuded, another no-brainer, for example his mound presence was simply that ‘I am here to shove’. His appearance helped us beat the incoming weather.

EvansNate fall22We are going to skip over the deep groups of 2025 and 2026 grads for now, but we will circle back in the days to come because there was a 2027 that will fill out a different checklist as a very young guy who also impressed in each department. Midland Valley eight-grader Nate Evans was hard to ignore during every aspect of the weekend. Very comfortable in saying the ‘baseball-player’ isn’t disappearing from the landscape anytime soon.

But these 'dudes’ were far from the only ones that we want you to know about.

60-Pop-MPH-Exit Velo /Top Prospects by Class / Showcase Accolades

RiverBluff RFpole14Chik fil A logoAnd a Special Thanks goes to…River Bluff skipper Mark Bonnette for opening his Pearly Gates to us again…Buzzy Myers for supplying Chick-Fil-A sandwiches in person on Saturday again, enough said…Meredith Welch and Sam Cheatham for stepping up for us on Day 1…The Heavens for sparing us the scattered showers on Sunday allowing baseball to played!