Diamond Notes: A Tip on the Cap


By: Austin Alexander – September 24, 2012

pettitteandy-cap.jpgThe baseball cap is part of the baseball uniform, period. Case closed.

It is as much a part of tucking your jersey in, running the bases aggressively and saying yes sir to your coach.

Now, in softball they wear visors (sometimes), others have ponytails. They wear ribbons and pigtails and shorts on the field… shall I go on?

But in baseball we wear caps, and that honor should be held with a high appreciation of being a part of a team that wants you to be a part of their mission.

rodneyf12.jpgWhile you may see a closer in Tampa Bay with a mis-directed bill, griffeykenjr12-hatbackwards.jpga HR Derby winner with his hat on backwards or some West Coast first rounder with his locks flowing… Keep in mind you are not them, not even close. At least, not anytime soon.

When I was a coach, I often held court on how to properly wear a baseball cap, even had a station in camp on this, and the rules are very simple:

-No hair showing under the bill of cap

-Wear it with the bill forward unless you are a catcher… that is catching at the moment, not just walking around

-Wear it straight, meaning bill is pointing in the same direction as your eyes

-Quick helmet reference: REMOVE THE ‘attaboy’ STICKERS!

-Not in the game, but your job is to play catch with an outfielder? Please don’t forget your cap and be hatless!

-Flat bills… Email me if you find a coach with one

-Roof top, inverted ‘V’ style…Email me if you find a coach with one

Seems simple, right?

It is amazing how many amateurs violate a simple code. Perhaps you did not know, now you do.

What’s the point? Don’t be a Bozo, respect the uniform you play for… and once you accomplish something in this great game, you can disrespect it at that point, while ill-advised even then, at least you will have millions in the bank.

Until then, strong suggestion, wear the baseball cap with a proud appreciation for the team you represent.