Recruiting 101-Testimonials


What People Are Saying About Recruiting 101

Following a visit in 2005: I wanted to thank you for coming to see us yesterday. I have to admit I was a little skeptical about what would come out of our meeting, and that was only fueled by friends, in our same situation, wondering what we were doing. It truly was worth the time and money.

You were very professional, with an organized presentation, and willing to take as much time as needed to answer all questions. You were able to give us a side of recruiting we cannot see, and clarify a lot of myths and gossip we have heard.

It was all topped by how passionate you obviously are about what you do and I have great respect for people that love what they do. I have no idea how my son will make out in this process, but I am certainly glad you are a part of what that result may be and glad you offer this service.


Pulled from a message board in 2005: I’m not a supporter of recruiting service, but, IMO, this is a unique opportunity for those wanting additional information or feel uncomfortable with the process.

Austin Alexander, a former recruiting coordinator at Elon University, is one of the most highly regarded baseball men in the business. With seven years as a coordinator, Austin has immense experience and knowledge of the process. His connections with all the college coaches across the state allow him to get honest, straightforward feedback about the interest in your son. He will be able to guide you through the troubled waters while pointing you in the right direction.

I wish his services were available to me a few years ago. The investment in having an experienced college coach direct my family is the cost of one weekend of travel ball, perhaps less.

I have no affiliation with Austin or his services. I just thought this is such a unique opportunity for some folks to get straight facts and to get pointed in the right direction…something many families need.