Border Battle – Prospect Info: Class of 2013


-Prospect Info: Mets (SC 13’s)-

Top Performers

thompsoncory-headpg12.jpgCory Thompson – Mauldin HS, USC commit, RHP/SS: Solid weekend showing for the easy going Thompson. We have had the enjoyment of watching him progress over the past three years and look forward to seeing how his career pans out. One thing is for sure… Thompson has ability that only a select few have. He ran it up to 92 MPH (sat 90-91) today while snapping off a 77-79 MPH hammer and a 83-84 MPH changeup at times. His flowing delivery and quick arm makes 90+ MPH look easy. Once lower body explosion is implemented, mid-90’s will follow shortly after. There is 93-95 MPH in him right now; he just doesn’t know it. Another aspect Thompson embarks on is his athletic ability. His actions are smooth, confident, and under control. Range is plus as he proved with is over-the-shoulder catch down the RF line in foul territory on day one. If he has an ‘Achilles heel’ it would be at the dish but still well above your average high school hitter. He possesses bat speed and solid pitch reconization. Thompson smoked a two-RBI double down third base in Day 1 and guided a single on Day 2 by virtue of staying through the ball away. This will be a busy winter and spring leading up to the MLB draft in June. The question is what happens when he gets to the next level and is challenged? Does he stay content or does he separate himself from others as he moves up like he is capable of. A scout made a good comparison this weekend… Tom Gordon out of the bullpen.   

mccutcheonhay-pg12.jpgHayden McCutcheon – Greenwood HS, C of C commit, RHP: What a year for McCutcheon. We see kids make jumps and we see kids level out as their high school career progresses. McCutcheon has made a couple of jumps in a nine month span which slates him high in the 2013 class of arms. He has starting pitcher’s attributes from his delivery to what comes out of the hand. Fastball will sit 86-87 MPH and his 78-81 MPH slider slates up there with tops in the state. His innings this weekend were clean and clock work. He attacks hitters with three pitches and camps out at the knees at all times. You will see McCutcheon successful at the college level and a promising pro career awaits him if hard work and health continues.

Rising Stock

smithcody-headpg11.jpgCody Smith – Lexington HS, SMC commit, MIF/3B: Really proud how Smith has bounced back from a tough year. It tells you a lot about his maturity as a 17-18 year old kid. He looks more polished in the field and approaches at the plate have made drastic leaps. Body has filled out like we hoped it would and the game has seemed to slow down in all areas, which is a compliment. Nice showing this weekend.

thomasb-head12.jpgBabe Thomas – Wando HS, Winthrop commit, C/OF/3B: From 4A football on Friday, to traveling overnight, to gearing up on Saturday morning to block upper-80 to low-90 MPH heaters. This should tell you what you want to know about this kids drive. He racks brains from the linebacker position during the weeks and comes out and performs cleanly on the weekends like he has been playing all fall. Flicking the switch isn’t easy and taking it all in stride while staying sane is impressive. Thomas had solid plate appearances all weekend where he recorded two hits and an RBI. Pop times ranged from 1.96-2.06 and being a wall is a standard for him. Not sure he stays behind the plate at the next level due to his versatility but Winthrop can count on a hard-nosed freshman come August. We can only dream on how big of a jump he makes once 100% focus is geared towards baseball.

thorntontyler-balance11.jpgTyler Thornton – Wade Hampton HS, C of C commit, RHP/1B: Thornton banged out the SAT on Saturday restricting him from coming on Day 1 but came out on Sunday and took a good round of powerful BP and hurled in 86-88 fastball’s in his two innings. There are still mechanical issues to be sorted out and finding a consistent secondary pitch is a need but he has the opportunity to turn into a power donkey pitcher at the next level. I am also going to “now” even throw in the option of becoming a power lefty hitter as well. There were a ton of holes in his swing in the spring but he looks to have filled them in with balance that results in tremendous juice. Continuing to log in tons of hours in both areas might set him up for competing for a duel spot at the school he is committed to. Not too many players get that opportunity.

reaganjosh-sign12.jpgJosh Reagan – Lexington HS, LHP: Crafty lefty that has a great fill for the zone and his off-speed. Pitchability is what sets him apart but hard work will get him where he wants to be. Not crazy about his delivery and I believe there is minor work to be done. Repeating his mid-¾ slot is where the ball seems to be natural out of the hand as you can see on his velocities. He’ll sit at 79-82 MPH with a more direct flight with late arm side life. The southpaw can add and subtract with the best of them. Legit command of three pitches. He drops down a notch at times versus LHH, ala Michael Roth, though the slot is not as low as a Roth; but the angle tends to be lower than versus RHH. Reagan attacks the mitt. Count, hitter, lineup, situation… None plays into what he does. Reagan avoids the barrel, period.


Upside Guys

batsonglenn-stance11.jpgGlenn Batson – Greenville HS, Clemson commit, 3B/1B: Fresh off labrum surgery, Batson has been cleared to swing the lumber this fall. He and another guy on this team possess the three ‘P’s”… Prototypical, projectable, professional bodies. When looking out on the field you can’t stop yourself from locking in on him as a scout. His 6-3/200 frame looks to be ready for healthier years ahead just as his hacks at the plate do. Getting his arm back up to par, becoming more athletic, and making adjustments with off-speed pitches are areas of improvement before spring gets here. Batson has raw power and a baseball player’s mindset. And if you saw him shoot, with authority, a bullet into right-center, Batson becomes a guy that will warrant pro attention this spring.

bostickakeem-balance10.jpgAkeem Bostick – West Florence HS, Uncommitted, RHP: Power arm with more in the tank once he fills out his 6-4/180 Satchel Paige frame. Adding weight to his lanky body gains more center of gravity for Bostick which will gel his delivery to where he can feel his mistakes. I do not think he needs to pack on the pounds as for staying wiry and free will be his strength. Focusing on commanding the fastball is a good start for when spring gets here. With the audience he will attract, commanding his 88-91 MPH fastball will be under microscope. I believe being a mid-to-low 90’s arm is in his near future and complementing that with a solid secondary pitch is an area of improvement. If locating the fastball and developing a more concrete bender is high on his list, a bright future lies ahead. 

beckwitha-sign12.jpgAndrew Beckwith – Blythewood HS, Coastal Carolina commit, RHP: Here is a righty arm that has just a great feel for what he does. Beckwith will throw from two arm angles with command out the wazoo. From down low he will locate a fastball (78-83), a slider (73-74), and a changeup. From up top he can run it up to 85 MPH and drop in a curveball at 71-73 MPH. What sets him apart is how he doesn’t waste pitches. He has the ability to bounce from not only pitch-to-pitch and locate; but also bounce from down low to over-the-top and not miss. Once he gains that initial 8-15 pounds his freshman year and gets stronger, he is going to add velocity which will play heck on hitters in the Big South due to the funk in that delivery. Dude just misses barrels.

whiteeli-stance12.jpgEli White – Wren HS, Clemson commit, SS: If anyone has a question about what a baseball body is supposed to look like at this age, take a trip over to Wren HS this spring and lock in on White. Matter of fact just look at their middle infield (LT Tolbert plays second base as well). This dude is going to be a beast! He stands 6-3/175 and is athletic, smooth, and understands the game. You rarely see a kid of his stature put together swings like he does at this age. He has juice in the bat to all sides of the field and speed to complement the swing. (4.38 down line and 4.65 on his turns). White smoked an opposite field double on day one and turned around another double on day two. Barring injury, don’t be surprised to see White step in and compete as a freshman if he continues the track he has been on for the next year. Huge upside guy and pro attention follows in the sping.

Notable: Gene Cone (USC commit, OF)