A Baseball Parent’s Farewell

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dp logo1 ~ Baseball Memories ~

Our hands were busy throughout each day

We didn’t have near enough time to play

The baseball games you asked us to

We didn’t make enough time for you.


You’d come and ask us catch can we play

Sometimes we’d answer maybe another day

Thus asking us to please share your fun

Mostly we would say a little later son.


Your games were great especially at night

Home to watch sports center then turn out the light

Then we’d tiptoe softly out your bedroom door

Now we wish we’d stayed a minute more.


The memories we have of you make us so proud

We hoped you knew it when shouting your name out loud

It taught you to hustle and always be at your best every day

Even though we weren’t there as we should to see every play.


For our lives are so short, the years rush past

Once a little boy now grown up and gone so fast

No longer in Derek Jeter pajamas are you at my side

With precious team trophies on your dresser to show your pride.


The baseball bats and balls are finally put away

There are no more youth league games to play

No packing coolers filled with good eats

No cleaning off your baseball cleats.


We no longer run around in a tizzy fit

Looking everywhere for your favorite mitt

No good luck hug and kiss, no cheers to hear

For that all belongs to yesteryear.


Just one last time we’d like to hear the roar

Of a coach saying we’re tied let’s play one inning more

We’d pay anything for a picture of you catching one at the wall

It would warm my heart to hear the umpire say, Let’s Play Ball.


Mom’s hands once busy washing uniforms now are still

Dad’s days without practice schedules are long and hard to fill

More than anything in the world we wish we could go back and do

All the backyard requests you asked us to …

~ A Baseball Parent ~