Summer Rankings: Class of 2011

-Diamond Rankings: 2011 Graduates- 

Right-Handed Pitchers

 Rank  Name  High School  B/T  Committed
 1  Daniel Gossett  Byrnes  R/R  Clemson
 2  Taylor Guerreri  North Augusta  R/R  Undecided
 3  Hunter Cole  Dorman  R/R  Undecided
 4  Kyle Grant  Hammond  R/R  Undecided
 5  Brandon Landrie  Spartanburg  R/R  Undecided
 6  Evan Still  North Augusta  L/R  Undecided
 7  Tanner Hawley  South Aiken  R/R  Undecided
 8  Joshua Olson  Southside Christian  R/R  Undecided
 9  Dylan Joyner  Lexington  R/R  Undecided
 10  Brandon Wooten  Blue Ridge  R/R  Undecided
 11  Chipper Smith  Wilson  R/R  Undecided
 12  Josh Westmoreland  Easley  R/R  Undecided
 13  Taylor Purvis  Blythewood  R/R  Undecided
 14  Aric Bane  Lexington  R/R  Undecided
 15  Jordan Esposito  JL Mann  R/R  Undecided
 16  Cole Norwood  Mayo Magnet  R/R  Undecided
 17  Austin Weekley  James Island  R/R  Undecided
 18  Corey Crissone  Gaffney  R/R  Undecided
 19  Colby Painter  Chesnee  L/R  Undecided
 20  Ben Kyle  Spartanburg  R/R  Undecided

Left-Handed Pitchers

 Rank  Name  High School  B/T  Committed
 1  Michael Gilroy  Brookland-Cayce  L/L  Undecided
 2  Austin Kerr  Chester  L/L  Undecided
 3  CJ Newton  Southside Christian  R/L  Undecided
 4  Russell Gahagen  AC Flora   /L  Undecided
 5  JR Black  JL Mann  R/L  Undecided
 6  Wesley Camp  Pelion  L/L  Undecided


 Rank  Name  High School  B/T  Committed
 1  Grayson Greiner  Blythewood  R/R  South Carolina
 2  Ryan McPhail  Dutch Fork  L/R  Undecided
 3  Nick Peter  Riverside  R/R  Undecided
 4  Steven Gerardi  North Myrtle Beach  R/R  Undecided
 5  Garrett Boulware  TL Hanna  R/R  Undecided
 6  Tyler Crocker  Dorman  R/R  Undecided
 7  Dylan McElhaney  North Augusta  R/R  Undecided
 8  Taylor Forcier  Wando  R/R  Undecided
 9  Jared Jennings  Belton-Honea Path  R/R  Undecided
 10  Bo Thompson  JL Mann  R/R  Undecided
 11  Brett Fisher  JL Mann  R/R  Undecided
 12  Connor Edwards  Easley  R/R  Undecided
 13  Jordan Mitchell  TL Hanna  L/R  Undecided
 14  Matthew Burton  First Baptist  R/R  Undecided
 15  Hunter Lambert  Aynor  R/R  Undecided

First Basemen

 Rank  Name  High School  B/T  Committed
 1  Kyle Martin  Wade Hampton  L/L  Undecided
 2  Hiller Huggins  Irmo  S/L  Undecided
 3  Jimmy Lindberg  Bishop England  R/L  Undecided
 4  Chase Shelton  Brookland-Cayce  L/L  Undecided
 5  Jarrod Rickman  Carolina Forest  R/R  Undecided
 6  Matt Peden  JL Mann  R/R  Undecided
 7  Nathan Price  Gilbert  L/R  Undecided

Second Basemen

 Rank  Name  High School  B/T  Committed
 1  Ryan Villareal  Fort Dorchester  R/R  Undecided
 2  Christopher Watford  Dutch Fork  R/R  Undecided
 3  Josh Long  Loris  R/R  Undecided
 4  Roy Faulks  AC Flora  R/R  Undecided
 5  Richie McCullough  Lexington  R/R  Undecided
 6  Matthew Layman  Hilton Head Prep  R/R  Undecided
 7  Kyle Peterman  Greenville  R/R  Undecided
 8  Tyler Asbil  Ben Lippen  R/R  Undecided


 Rank  Name  High School  B/T  Committed
 1  Bruce Caldwell  Sumter  L/R  Undecided
 2  Connor Bright  Wando  R/R  Undecided
 3  Chris Harrison  White Knoll  R/R  Undecided
 4  Billy Motroni  Statford  R/R  Undecided
 5  Shell McCain  Nation Ford  R/R  Undecided
 6  Gunnar Heidt  St. James  R/R  Undecided
 7  Cam Smith  Lexington  R/R  Undecided
 8  Dean Stageburg  Riverside  R/R  Undecided
 9  Brady Hegwood  JL Mann  R/R  Undecided
 10  Evan Rollison  Greenville  R/R  Undecided

Third Basemen

 Rank  Name  High School  B/T  Committed
 1  Joey Pankake  Easley  R/R  Undecided
 2  Austin Gambrell  Belton-Honea Path  R/R  Undecided
 3  Aaron Poole  AC Flora  R/R  Undecided
 4  Alex Roberts  Myrtle Beach  R/R  Undecided
 5  Anthony Cossentino  St. James  R/R  Undecided
 6  Jake Wolff  Walhalla  R/R  Undecided
 7  Allen Staton  Laurens  R/R  Undecided
 8  Taylor Eubanks  Blythewood  R/R  Undecided


 Rank  Name  High School  B/T  Committed
 1  Shon Carson  Lake City  R/R  Undecided
 2  Domineke Albert  Richland Northeast  R/R  Undecided
 3  Tyler Rowe  South Aiken  L/R  Undecided
 4  Thomas Spencer  Riverside  R/R  Undecided
 5  Bobby Ison  Stratford  S/L  Undecided
 6  Reid Moman  JL Mann  L/R  Undecided
 8  Wade Wyatt  Shannon Forest  R/R  Undecided
 9  Tanner English  St. James  R/R  Undecided
 T10  Drew Swiney  Riverside  R/R  Undecided
 T10  John Puggott  Hanahan  L/R  Undecided

Top Two-Way Players

 Name  High School  Position
 Lance Hayes  Irmo  RHP/1B
 Hunter Cole  Dorman  RHP/OF
 Kyle Grant  Hammond  RHP/1B
 Austin Gambrell  Belton-Honea Path  3B/RHP
 Jimmy Lindberg  Bishop England  1B/LHP
 Brandon Landrie  Spartanburg  RHP/3B
 Kyle Martin  Wade Hampton  1B/LHP
 Hiller Huggins  Irmo  1B/LHP
 Jarrod Rickman  Carolina Forest  1B/RHP
 Aaron Poole  AC Flora  3B/RHP
 Alex Roberts  Myrtle Beach  3B/RHP
 Taylor Guerrieri  North Augusta  RHP/3B
 Chase Shelton  Brookland-Cayce  1B/LHP
 Thomas Spencer  Riverside  OF/RHP
 Dean Stageburg  Riverside  SS/RHP
 Taylor Eubanks  Blythewood  3B/RHP

Note: This category was a listing, not a ranking.

Overall-Top 30

 Rank  Name  High School  Position
 1  Shon Carson  Lake City  OF/INF
 2  Joey Pankake  Easley  3B
 3  Kyle Martin  Wade Hampton  1B/LHP
 4  Bruce Caldwell  Sumter  SS
 5  Daniel Gossett  Byrnes  RHP
 6  Hunter Cole  Dorman  RHP/OF
 7  Domineke Albert  Richland Northeast  OF/C
 8  Taylor Guerrieri  North Augusta  RHP/3B
 9  Hiller Huggins  Irmo  1B/LHP
 10  Jimmy Lindberg  Bishop England  1B/LHP
 11  Grayson Greiner  Blythewood  C
 12  Connor Bright  Wando  SS
 13  Austin Gambrell  Belton-Honea Path  3B/RHP
 14  Aaron Poole  AC Flora  3B/RHP
 15  Chase Shelton  Brookland-Cayce  1B/LHP
 16  Ryan McPhail  Dutch Fork  C
 17  Michael Gilroy  Brookland-Cayce  LHP
 18  Kyle Grant  Hammond  RHP/1B
 19  Chris Harrison  White Knoll  SS
 20  Nick Peter  Riverside  C
 21  Brandon Landrie  Spartanburg  RHP/3B
 22  Austin Kerr  Chester  LHP/OF
 23  Billy Motroni  Stratford  SS
 24  Jarrod Rickman  Carolina Forest  1B/RHP
 25  CJ Newton  Southside Christian  LHP
 26  Evan Still  North Augusta  RHP/OF
 27  Matt Peden  JL Mann  1B
 28  Thomas Spencer  Riverside  OF/RHP
 29  Bobby Ison  Stratford  OF
 30  Ryan Villareal  Fort Dorchester  INF

Note: Rankings and positions are based on player’s current ability-level, or "tools", combined with how he "projects" at the next level. A player’s statistics do not factor into his ranking.