Diamond Notes: Get ready ladies

Get Ready Ladies, Opening Day is almost here!

By: Teresa Owens-February 15, 2007

Here it is. Pre-season baseball, with the season approaching fast. We, as moms, wonder how in the world our young men are going to stay warm. You try to provide all of the hot hands and toasty toes you can, then you begin to think of yourself. You put everything that you can think of in your car, you even take extra blankets and clothing for the beginners of February baseball. I have been doing this for sometime and I now know what I need to SURVIVE.

It takes two trips to the car or two to four extra hands for me to make my way to the ballpark. I know my son is unsure if I am there, I have watched him as he searched for me among the crowd of bundled up people and I can tell you I know just when he spots me. He gets a big grin on his face and then he drops his head. As he is shaking his head, I almost sure I know what he is thinking. Well, I finally asked him. He responded, “Mom I don’t know if you are going skiing or camping when you come out here.” These images pop in his head due to the fact that there I sit, in my “baseball chair.” That is only the beginning. As I sit in my chair I am also sitting in a very comfy sleeping bag, zipped all of the way to the top with my hat, scarves and gloves. I also have incorporated the toasty toes, hot hands and propane heater. Now, I am sure most of you can relate. No way in this world would I put myself through this if it were not for my son playing baseball!

I have often said that I could not be a hunter. I would not even attempt the cold that time of the morning to go sit in a tree or stand in a pond. The things we mothers do for the baseball player in our life.

As we moms approach Opening Day, take the time and prepare yourself for the cold nights ahead of you. Invest in a little (or big) propane heater. If you don’t have a sleeping bag you may just want to get yourself one and make sure you have plenty of toasty toes and hot hands.

Dads, you are on your own.