Prospect Breakdown

Prospect Breakdown: Wingo & Nester

By: Jeff Young-October 10, 2006


Scott Wingo: This young man has a great feel for the game, meaning that he knows where he is on the field at all times and is ready for all situations to arise. Always moving around and seeing what’s happening all over the field. great instincts. Small guy in stature but has good compact body for durability up the middle and to stay in on double plays. May have to move to the other side of second base at the next level unless arm strength improves. Good range with good footwork. Will be contact-type guy that will hit 1, 2, 8, 9 at the next level. Handles the bat well spraying ball around the field. With some added strength he will fit very nicely to Coach Tanner’s mold of players in the near future.


John Nester: Good thick lower half on this young man with some raw strength to his 18-year old body. He comes at you with fastball, breaking ball and change-up. May be able to get some more velocity with better finish and not so much recoil. His fastball is a bit straight but will show some life, or run, at times. Breaking ball is hard but may look at throwing a slider in the future. Breaking ball has "slurve" action with poor depth. Change was a good polished pitch for him with good arm speed and deception. All of his pitches will improve with better finish and polishes up the effort in his pitches.