dp Fall-Star Game: Greater Rock Hill @ Winthrop

By: Gary Randall & Stuart Lake - October 25, 2021

WinthropASG 21anthemDP is pleased and thankful to a number of helping hands uniting and allowing us to pronounce the 6th Annual Greater Rock Hill ASG a success. Forty high school ballplayers, twenty on the American League squad and twenty on the National League squad went through a full pre-game of BP & In/Out followed by a complete nine innings of baseball at the Winthrop Ballpark!

This particular fall night afforded us pretty much perfect weather, for baseball and in general, as it was neither too hot, nor too cold and we were blessed with some nearby pockets of rain not descending on us, minus a few sprinkles.

AllStarLogo Winthrop21Winthrop University, Head Coach, Tom Riginos, and his staff were gracious hosts granting DP use of this beautiful facility and dutifully fine-tuning the field before and after each segment of the event and meeting the numerous requests on a sizable checklist. We extend our thanks to “TR” and company.

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