Baseball @ The Beach

By: Brendan Dougherty & Mike Williams - March 2-4, 2017

ReevesCam-pg16You can’t go wrong when you have two tournaments within 30 miles of each other and you can cover 14 teams in a 4 day period. It was not easy trying to coordinate who was going to which game but DP got to see the majority of both. Baseball at the Beach is another tournament that is first class and run well by Myrtle Beach High School and their staff. This tournament was loaded with arms and we had a chance to see some of the top pitchers in our state.

As expected, Northwestern led the way and is loaded to make a run at a State Championship this year if they stay healthy on the mound. There were also a few high profile guys plus a handful more that have popped up and are going to make some noise! Another great atmosphere for high school baseball and I was glad to see Myrtle Beach had finally gotten their foul poles up. (They were knocked down during Hurricane Matthew)

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