Best Fictional Movie Character

By: DP Staff - April 23-May 9, 2020

BennyThJetWildThingVaughnOur previous Bracket Challenge fell just shy of 30,000 poll votes, which was very strong & thank you for those participating! While we have tempered our expectations of this new poll, we think it can be equally as enjoyable. As the HS playoffs should be beginning this week, let’s be honest, we have some time!

So vote on your favorite baseball movie fictional character & share with others. And if you have not seen a movie on the list, you may just find a fun family flick to fill some time?

Here is what we prepared below: 

-The Brackets-


-The Cast-

 Seed  Character  Movie
 1  Roy Hobbs  The Natural 
 2  Crash Davis  Bull Durham 
 3  Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez  The Sandlot 
 4  Nuke LaLoosh  Bull Durham
 5  Billy Chapel  For Love of the Game 
 6  Dottie Hinson  A League of Their Own 
 7  Pedro Cerrano  Major Lague
 8  Rick 'Wild Thing' Vaughn  Major League
 9  Kenny Powers  Eastbound & Down 
 10  Steve Nebraska  The Scout 
 11  Henry Rowengartner  Rookie of the Year
 12  Kelly Leak  Bad News Bears
 13  Jack Elliott  Mr. Baseball 
 14  Moonlight Graham  Field of Dreams 
 15  Roger Dorn  Major League
 16  Willie Mays Hayes  Major League 
 17  Hamilton "Ham" Porter  The Sandlot
 18  Stan Ross  Mr. 3000 
 19  Marla Hooch  A League of Their Own
 20  Kit Hinson  A League of Their Own 
 21  Bobby Rayburn  The Fan 
 22  Jack Parkman  Major League 
 23  Lou Collins  Little Big League
 24  Scotty Smalls  The Sandlot 
 25  Doris Murphy  A League of Their Own 
 26  Rube Baker  Major League  
 27  Casey at the Bat  Ernest Thayer Poem
 28  Ryan Dunne  Summer Catch
 29  Chet Steadman  Rookie of the Year
 30  'All the Way' Mae Mordabito  A League of Their Own
 31  #23 Riverdogs RHP "AA"  Major League
 32  Billy "Downtown" Anderson  Major League