All-Decade Bracket Challenge

DormanChampsBy: DP Staff - April 2-17, 2020

With the calendar flipping to April, here at Diamond Prospects we should be locked in on traveling the state zeroing in on meaningful region play games with Spring Break tournaments right around the corner. But the 2020 season has taken us down a different path and DP is using this time to make the best out of it.

All Tourney Title

The Process: A fun exercise we came up with was putting you - the fan - in complete control of a tournament that highlights clubs from the previous decade! This is a 32-team “March Madness” format tourney where you vote on the dp website and Twitter.

It’s a simple procedure - we share with you the first-round matchups, you chime in and vote who you think would win the contest... or just who you prefer! After the precincts close, we tally up the results from all the outlets and the team with the most votes moves on to the next round. We will continue this process until we have crowned a “champion”. We understand this may become a popularity contest and that's ok, vote as often as you like!

Criteria: What we have done is taken the 23 champions from 2010-2019 in 3A, 4A & 5A. Five champions from 1A and 2A that we felt were worthy and finally, four “at-large” clubs that finished as state runners-up. Though several more teams were worthy of being included, we put our heads together and came up with the clubs that were the 'worthiest', if that's a word!

Voting Dates/Times: Below are the deadlines for each respective round. The polls will be open on the DP website Twitter, Instagram & Facebook. Reach out to your former players, coaches, friends and community to tally as many votes as possible!

 Round  Dates
 Championship Game  4/14 Tuesday (Noon) - 4/16 Thursday (Noon)
 Team of the Decade  Revealed at Noon on Friday 4/17 + revisit of that team

Voting Precincts: / @diamondprospect / Instagram / Facebook


-Finals Results-

 Matchup  Result

 (4) '13 Lexington

 (18) '18 Dorman

 Votes: 7,610

 Votes: 8,862

-Final 4 Results-

 Matchup  Result

 (4) '13 Lexington

 (13) '13 Blythewood

 Votes: 2,679

 Votes: 2,557

 (18) '18 Dorman

 (14) '10 White Knoll

 Votes: 2,352

 Votes: 2,060

-Elite 8 Results-

 Matchup  Result

 (1) '11 Sumter

 (13) '13 Blythewood

 Votes: 218

 Votes: 256

 (28) '12 AC Flora

 (4) '13 Lexington

 Votes: 317

 Votes: 408

 (6) '13 AC Flora

 (14) '10 White Knoll

 Votes: 310

 Votes: 380

 (18) '18 Dorman

 (10) '12 Gilbert

 Votes: 633

 Votes: 617

-Sweet 16 Results-

 Matchup  Result

 (1) '11 Sumter

 (17) '16 JL Mann

 Votes: 118

 Votes: 70

 (13) '13 Blythewood

 (8) '18 Bishop England

 Votes: 170

 Votes: 169

 (28) '12 AC Flora

 (12) '16 Summerville

 Votes: 187

 Votes: 98

 (20) '18 Chapin

 (4) '13 Lexington

 Votes: 130

 Votes: 174

 (3) '17 Northwestern

 (14) '10 White Knoll

 Votes: 81

 Votes: 175

 (22) '19 Eastside

 (6) '13 AC Flora

 Votes: 111

 Votes: 175

 (7) '11 St. James

 (10) '12 Gilbert

 Votes: 392

 Votes: 629

 (18) '18 Dorman

 (15) '15 BHP

 Votes: 117

 Votes: 99

Seedings: In typical DP fashion, we had to throw in our two cents and set the scene for you. Below we have seeded the teams 1-32 to refresh your memory as for what year they won their title or runner-up and listed a few impact players on that roster. This will allow you your most educated vote and could possibly bring back some memories from what an exciting decade of prep baseball so many of us witnessed! Our hope is that this exercise will fill a little bit of the void we are all missing!

-The Seedings-

 Seed  Team Notes
 1  '11 Sumter

4A State Champs; Key Players: Jordan Montgomery, Bruce Caldwell & Phillip Watcher

 2  '15 BHP 3A State Champs; Key Players: Jake Crawford, Blake Holliday & Dylan Spence
 3  '17 Northwestern 5A State Champs; Key Players: John Gilreath, Wesley Sweatt & Rob Hughes
 4  '13 Lexington 4A State Champs; Key Players: Nick Ciuffo, Josh Reagan & Ryan Brown
 5  '11 Byrnes 4A Runner-up; Key Players: Daniel Gossett, Steven Duggar & Alex Cunningham
 6  '13 AC Flora 3A State Champs; Key Players: Madison Stokes, Donald Gillespie & Austin Beskid
 7  '11 St. James 3A State Champs; Key Players: Tanner English, Gunnar Heidt & Gunnar Kines 
 8  '18 Bishop England 3A State Champs; Key Players: Geoffrey Gilbert, Chris Dengler & Will Bastian
 9  '13 Blythewood 4A Runner-up; Key Players: Andrew Beckwith, Tyler Romanik & Thomas Bessinger 
 10  '12 Gilbert 2A State Champs; Key Players: Connor Owings, Mikey Morrison & Austin LaBounty
 11  '16 BHP 3A State Champs; Key Players: Blake Holliday, Dax Roper & Austin Todd
 12  '16 Summerville 4A State Champs; Key Players: Sawyer Bridges, Bo Gobin & Brock Tobin
 13  '15 Wando 4A State Champs; Key Players: Jeff Gottesman, Noah LoCascio & Jack DeLongchamps 
 14  '10 White Knoll 4A State Champs; Key Players: Carl Wise, Robbie Streett & Ray Murphy
 15  '14 AC Flora 3A State Champs; Key Players: Madison Stokes, Donald Gillespie & Josh Hernandez
 16  '19 Dutch Fork 5A State Champs; Key Players: Ty Olenchuk, Noah Jackson & Crosby Jones
 17  '16 JL Mann 4A Runner-up; Key Players: Jack Stamler, Patrick Frick & Joe Satterfield
 18  '18 Dorman 5A State Champs; Key Players: Tanner McCallister, Dylan Rogers & Jack Hennessy
 19  '17 River Bluff 5A Runner-up; Key Players: Aaron Adams, Ricky Williams & Walker McDowell
 20  '18 Chapin 4A State Champs; Key Players: Tanner Steffy, Cade Austin & Nick Price
 21  '17 Bishop England 3A State Champs; Key Players: Gregory Sanders, Will Bastian & Geoffrey Gilbert
 22  '19 Eastside 4A State Champs; Key Players: Joseph Mershon, Noah Mitchell & David Mershon
 23  '10 Lugoff-Elgin 3A State Champs; Key Players: Forrest Koumas, Jacob Murphy & Blake Outlaw
 24  '14 Sumter 4A State Champs; Key Players: Charlie Barnes, Phillip Watcher & Jacob Watcher
 25  '12 Ashley Ridge 4A State Champs; Key Players: Austin Livingston, Patrick Mace & Nick Bell
 26  '17 AC Flora 4A State Champs; Key Players: Coleman Pope, Caleb Speedy & Leighton Long 
 27  '19 Bishop England 3A State Champs; Key Players: Geoffrey Gilbert, Chris Dengler & Corey Cochran 
 28  '12 AC Flora  3A State Champs; Key Players: David Houser, Jake Lewis & Player Loving
 29  '14 St. Joseph's 1A State Champs; Key Players: Alex Malsch, Ryan Stamler & Sterling Turmon
 30  '10 Chesnee 2A State Champs; Key Players: Brandon Henderson, Colby Painter & Jordan Garrett
 31  '15 Latta 1A State Champs; Key Players: JK Love, Colby Lee & Jackson Williams
 32  '19 McBee 1A State Champs; Key Players: Connor Kirkley, Clark Kirkley & McIver Wallace

All-Decade Bracket Challenge Finals: 

-Tale of the Tape-

2013 Lexington Wildcats (28-5, 10-0) vs 2018 Dorman Cavaliers (25-8, 10-2) 

Category Lexington  Dorman 
Season A+  A
Playoffs A+  A
Pitching A+  A-
Offense A- 
Region Strength A+  A+ 
Prospects A+  A- 

Head Coaches: Lexington HS - Brian Hucks; Dorman HS: Jack Jolly

For '13 Lexington to win this game...For the Wildcats, it is very simple for what they would do. Hand the ball off to Josh Reagan (South Carolina) one more time and allow him to do his thing. Along with Reagan, the Wildcats would have a stable of arms eager to get the pill: Elliott Lance (Wofford), Jordan Buster (The Citadel) and Cole McMillan (South Carolina). With arms like this lined up for a win, a tough match up for Dorman. We are a few sentences in and have yet to mention the first round backstop the Wildcats had in 2013 - Nick Ciuffo (Tampa Bay Rays). Along with Ciuffo, the offense is anchored by Ryan Brown (CofC, North Greenville). This senior-heavy club had a tremendous run in 2013 and would be well-equipped if this game was handled between the lines.

For '18 Dorman to win this game...The 2018 Cavs relied heavily on the arm of 2018 grad Tanner McCallister (CofC) and no doubt he would get the rock one last time in this scenario. A few options the Cavs would have out of the pen are Michael Eggert (Wofford) and Hunter Smith (2018). McCallister also could swing the bat and had a few sticks to go along with him as well. To name a few: Dylan Rogers (Kentucky/Chattahooche Valley CC), Jack Hennessey (USC-Upstate), Russell Parry (BYU), TJ White (Indiana) and steady shortstop Jack Renwick (Wofford). 

The Key: In order for the Cavs to secure the victory they would have to jump on the Wildcats early in the contest and rely on McCallister to silence the impressive offense of Lexington. The one knock discussed in our podcast last week was Reagan tended to be a slow starter. If the Cavaliers did not jump on him early it could be a tough night at the yard for Jack Jolly's club. For the Wildcats, they would be looking to run McCallister out of the game early and get to the arms in the Dorman bullpen early. This would allow the offense to open up and would put a great deal of pressure on Dorman because of the lack of runs they may produce versus this deep Lexington pitching rotation.

Dorman HC Jack Jolly had this to say in regards to his 2018 Cavaliers club: "The 2018 team was a pleasure to coach. We had some talent, but the thing that stood out the most to me was their chemistry! They cared about each other and competed so hard for one another as a team. They were also committed to being the best and wanted to be coached everyday!"