Palmetto Games: Schedule & Player Notes 2021


Tentative Schedule for Saturday & Sunday - August 14-15, 2021

NOTE: For attendees, it would be wise to print off this info


8:30                            ME/MW Player Check-in

9:15-9:30                    Both teams: Player Meeting in RF Cages 

9:30-9:50                    Both teams: Individual & team pictures (RF bleachers)

9:50-10:00                  Both teams: 60-yard dash warm-up

10:00-10:10                 60's

10:20-10:42                 MW Batting Practice 

10:43-11:05                 ME Batting Practice 

11:10-11:18                MW INF/OF 

11:18-11:26                ME INF/OF 

11:30                           Mideast vs Midwest* (8-inning game)

12:00                           SW/SE Player Check-in

1:00-1:20                    Both teams: Player Meeting - RF Cages in Bottom of 5th

1:20-1:50                    Both teams: Individual & team pictures (RF bleachers)

1:50-2:00                    Both teams: 60-yard dash warm-up

2:00-2:10                    60's

2:20-2:42                    SW Batting Practice on field 

2:43-3:05                    SE Batting Practice on field 

3:10-3:18                    SW INF/OF 

3:18-3:26                    SE INF/OF

3:30                            Southeast vs Southwest* (8-inning game)

4:00                             NW/NE Player Check-in

5:00-5:20                    Both teams: Player Meeting - RF Cages in Bottom of 5th

5:20-5:50                    Both teams: Individual & team pictures (RF bleachers)

5:50-6:00                    Both teams: 60-yard dash warm-up 

6:00-6:10                    60's

6:20-6:42                    NW Batting Practice on field 

6:43-6:55                    NE Batting Practice on field 

7:10-7:18                    NW INF/OF

7:18-7:26                    NE INF/OF 

7:30                            Northeast vs Northwest* (8-inning game)


8:00-8:45                    ME/SE BP in cages

9:00                            Mideast vs Southeast* (9-inning game), Post-Game Ceremony

10:00-11:00                NW/SW BP in cages

12:15                          Northwest vs Southwest* (9-inning game), Post-game Ceremony

12:00-1:00                  MW/NE BP in cages 

3:30                            Midwest vs Northeast* (9-inning game), Post-game Ceremony

Key: NW-Northwest, NE-Northeast, MW-Midwest, ME-Mideast, SW-Southwest, SE-Southeast

Coming Next Week! -Rosters- 

-Sumter Weather-

*Denotes Home Team; 1B Dugout-Home Team, 3B Dugout-Visiting Team.

***NOTE: FYI, If game/session ends quickly, the next contest will begin ahead of schedule.

-Mercy Rule: There is not one.

-In the event of inclement weather, a game is considered official after 6 innings on Saturday, 8 innings on Sunday.

Player/Parent Notes

-Players are responsible for bringing baseball pants, HS hat, helmet, indoor shoes and any other equipment that you may need. DP will provide your jersey.

-This is a BBCOR event. Players are encouraged to bring their own BBCOR bats.

-Wood bats will not be required in games but can be used Saturday in batting practice on the field for your round of BP. You do have the option to swing wood in games too but please bring your own lumber.

-The registration tables will be stationed at the main entrance on the left under tents.

-No spikes are allowed in the cages or in the stadium, only on the field. No sunflower seeds in the cages. Help us keep it clean!

Face Coverings: Inside the ballpark, masks are encouraged but not required.

-Concessions will be available courtesy of Sumter Post-15 baseball.

-DP & Palmetto Games apparel will be available all weekend.

Admission: CASH ONLY $20 Event Pass, $15 Day Pass; Ages 10 and under are FREE

Hotel info: We have secured a reduced rate at two Sumter area hotels, be sure to mention Diamond Prospects &/or Palmetto Games for the aforementioned discount.

Hampton Inn: 803-469-2222, $75 + tax

Comfort Suites: 803-469-0200, $75 + tax

Directions: Historic Riley Park, 655 N. Church St, Sumter SC 29150. For Stadium info, click here.

-Please be familiar with the schedule and be on time, or early, when your team is scheduled for activity. You are free to leave after your games. If games end early and allow us to move ahead of schedule, please understand that we will quickly roll into the next phase of the schedule.