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dp_logo1.pngPrep Scoreboard: Please use discretion and factual info when posting scores… Your efforts will help ensure that our region standings are accurate! To view DP Scoreboard, click here.

dp_logo1.pngPitching Probables: In an attempt to assist DP, college coaches and pro scouts, we have installed our ‘Pitching Probables’ section for the 2010 playoffs. Any coach, parent or player can plug in info into this page, please only login accurate information. Your help in that area will make this feature a very useful tool for baseball evaluators during the post-season. To view, click here.

dp_logo1.pngHS Coaches: As post-season pairings begin to take shape, DP is hard at work doing what we do to prepare for the stretch run. At the same time, we ask that you plug your inquiries of upcoming opponents and players into our ‘search’ section of the site, located in the upper-righthand corner. If we have anything on a club, pitcher or hitter, you can find it there. Sharing information on the 100+ playoff teams presents a conflict of interest for us, not to mention it takes away from our time to focus on players, upcoming games and appropriately covering what we see. Thank you in advance for your understanding of our stance on this matter.

dp_logo1.pngIndividual Feats, POW, etc: Coaches, if one of your players has a game that features 3+ HR’s, 8+ RBI’s, a 7-inning no-hitter, 15+ K’s, etc please let us know that night. Also, if one of your players is a candidate for Player of the Week from a Monday thru that Sunday, nominate him by sending an email with corresponding stats no later than noon on Monday’s to Sterling Dye at: [email protected]