Scout Day 2008: Riverside JV’s

By: Nick Nickles- February 19, 2008

Coach Chris Bates opened up the doors for DP to come in check out the talent-rich JVs, or the “farm team” of the powerhouse Riverside Warriors. The program is no stranger to attention as the local news media was also in to get pictures, interviews and a glimpse of the coaches and players in this proven program of champions. The most impressive characteristic of this young JV squad and Varsity team, who were also working out, was their ability to not get distracted. All the players got their work in and nobody missed a beat as players were called for individual photo shots and interviews. It was just another day at practice for the Riverside Warriors. We were not disappointed. The first JV pitcher threw an 83 MPH fastball on the first pitch in the bullpen session. Here’s how young Warriors did by the numbers…   

60 Times

 Name  Class  60 Time
 Jordan Bianchi  Fr  8.03
 Ryan Graham  So  7.45
 Austin Lawerence  So  –
 Jay Lizanich  Fr  7.53
 Evan Marshall  So  7.41
 Shane McMahon  Fr  7.78
 Keith McWhite  Fr  7.56
 Brian Nester  So  8.56
 Taylor Norris  So  8.13
 Nick Peter  Fr  –
 Matt Reeves  So  –
 Micheal Scroggs  Fr  8.25
 Blake Sieg  So  6.91
 Raymond Simmons  So  8.09
 Thomas Spencer  Fr  7.31
 Dean Stageberg  Fr  7.59
 Alan Suchy  Fr  7.44
 Drew Swiney  Fr  7.22
 Brett Tompkins  Fr  8.03
 Robbie Wagner  So  7.84
 Matt West  Fr  7.38
 Chase Warren  So  –

Catchers-Pop Times

 Name  Class  Pop Time
 Ryan Graham  So  2.13-2.30
 Raymond Simmons  So  2.50-2.54
 Robbie Wagner  So  2.56-2.62

Top Outfield Arms

Rank  Name  Class
 1  Drew Swinney  Fr
 2  Thomas Spencer  Fr
 3  Evan Marshall  So
 4  Blake West  Fr
 5  Blake Sieg  So

Top Infield Arms

Rank  Name  Class
 1  Shane McMahon  Fr
 2  Taylor Norris  So
 3  Dean Stageburg  Fr
 4  Brian Nester  So
 5  Jay Lizanich  Fr

Top Infield Actions

Rank  Name  Class
 1  Shane McMahon  Fr
 2  Dean Stageburg  Fr
 3  Taylor Norris  So
 4  Brian Nester  So
 5  Jay Lizanich  Fr

Top BP Round

 Rank  Name  Class
 1  Drew Swiney  Fr 
 2  Ryan Graham  So 
 3  Dean Stageberg  Fr
 4  Jay Lizanich  Fr
 5  Alan Suchy  Fr
 6  Shane McMahon  Fr
 7  Chase Warren  So
 8  Matt Reeves  So
 9  Nick Peter  Fr
 10  Blake Sieg  So


 Name  Class  R/L  FB  BB  CH
 Brian Nester  So  R  73-74  59-60  69-70
 Austin Lawerence  So  R  82-83 with life  67-68  74-75 good sink
 Chase Warren  So  R  76-78  59-61 solid curve  67-69 + change 
 Brett Tompkins  Fr  R  72-73 gets long, sinks it  68  67 compliments fast nicely
 Dean Stageburg  Fr  R  75-76 heavy sink  63 good. 12 to 6 break  68 + change, well controlled
 Blake Sieg  So  R  72-73  58-59  66-69
 Keith McWhite  Fr  R  71-72  54  66
 Michael Scroggs  Fr  R  72-75  57-59  66
 Jay Lizanich  Fr  R  73-74  58  64
 Thomas Spencer  Fr  R  81-83  64  67-71
 Matt West  Fr  L  68-71  52-54  55-58 Best pitch

Top Prospects

 Name  Class  Scout Notes
 Thomas Spencer  Fr  Topped out at 83 in the pen, short bulldog frame, with a heavy fastball 
 Matt Reeves  So  Projectable body, above average high school curveball at this time, control needs to improve 
 Austin Lawrence  So  Up to 83 in the pen. Short, athletic frame with a good feel for his pitches. Plus change-up
 Chase Warren  So  Showed some pop during BP even when he didn’t square anything up. A solid arm.
 Nick Peter  Fr A good-looking freshman with some bat-speed 
 Blake Sieg  So Great body, looks likes a brother of Jared and Jeff Weaver. Yes, a mid 3/4 slot from the bump as well. 6.9 runner. 
 Drew Swiney  Fr  Fundamentally sound. Plus BP round, plus arm from the OF, 7.2 runner. A good looking prospect 
 Alan Suchy  Fr  Quick hands at the plate, showcased himself well. 
 Ryan Graham  So  Athletic catcher that can swing the pole.  
 Dean Stageburg  Fr  Gives the Warriors options on the hill or at SS. Good round of BP