Scout Day 2008: Palmetto Mustangs

By: Nick Nickles-February 17, 2008

Coach Tim Broome invited DP back to Williamston to get in a Scout Day to compliment their scrimmage with the Dixie Hornets last week. The future looks bright at Palmetto with a talented group of 8th graders and freshmen on the way with an already solid class of sophomores, led by the Burton twins, with some Varsity experience on board. The Mustangs have a power source in junior catcher Jeremy Beacham, and should score some runs this season. The Mustangs will rely on a variety of pitchers to limit opposing teams offensively, lacking a true power arm. They look to be a promising young team that should find themselves in the playoffs again in 2008.


60 Times

 Name  Class  60 Time
 Bryan Meares  Sr  7.72
 Mark Cothran  Sr  8.00
 Jeremy Beacham  Jr  7.35
 Kyle Fricks  Jr  7.37
 Shawn Davis  Jr  7.36
 Hunter Burton  So  7.01 (Flu)
 Heath Burton  So  6.94
 Nick Heney  So  8.41
 Johnny Wilson  So  8.12
 Tyler Knight  So  7.59
 Sam Cothran  Fr  7.87
 Trey Hayes  8th  7.22
 Wayne Parker  8th  8.09
 Steven Cooper  8th  7.65
 Clay Morgan  8th  7.90
 Justin Driver  8th  7.75
 Tanner Lollis  7th  8.24

Catchers-Pop Times

 Name  Class  Pop Time
 Jerremy Beacham Jr  2.12- 2.21 
 Heath Burton So  2.18-2.22 
 Nick Heney So  2.21-2.30 
 Trey Hayes 8th  2.21-2.40 
 Justin Driver 8th  2.53-2.6 

Top Outfield Arms

Rank  Name  Class
 1  Jeremy Beacham  Jr
 2  Heath Burton  So
 3  Tyler Knight  So
 4  Brandon Rogers  Fr
 5  Bryan Meares  Sr

Top Infield Arms

Rank  Name  Class
 1  Hunter Burton   So
 2  Mark Cothran  Sr
 3  Nick Heney  So
 4  Wayne Parker  8th
 5  Ty Lollis  So

Top Infield Actions

Rank  Name  Class
 1  Hunter Burton  So
 2  Ty Lollis  So
 3  Mark Cothran  Sr
 4  Nick Heney  So
 5  Tanner Lollis  7th


Top BP Round

 Rank  Name  Class
 1  Hunter Burton  So
 2  Steven Cooper  8th
 3  Sam Cothran  Fr
 4  Jeremy Beacham  Jr
 5  Heath Burton  So
 6  Trey Hayes  8th
 7  Tyler Knight  So
 8  Nick Heney  So
 9  Bryan Meares  Sr
 10  Kyle Fricks  So



 Name  Class  R/L  FB  BB  CH
 Jeremy Beacham  Jr   R  79-80  70 Slide piece  70
 Bryan Meares  Sr  R  74-75  64-65  68
 Mark Cothran  Sr  R  77-78  63-65  68
 Heath Burton  So  R  75-76  61-64  63-65
 Nick Heney  So  R  72  60-64  59-60 arm side action
 Tyler Knight  So  R  71-72  59-61  68
 Sam Cothran  Fr  R  70-73  61   68
 Brandon Rogers  Fr  R  75-76  65-67   71
 Trey Hayes  8th  R  76-77  64-65  65
 Wayne Paker  8th  R  64-67  61  65
 Steven Cooper  8th  R  73-74 Arm side run  61 + curve  64


Top Prospects

 Rank  Name  Class  Scout Notes
 1  Hunter Burton  So At 5’5 he draws comparisons to former Abbeville and Clemson product Casey Stone with the left-handed stick and plays with country attitude. A sub-7.0 runner and he can square it up. A kid you wanna take to war with you. 
 2  Jeremy Beacham  Jr An athletic country boy, runs well for a catcher. Good body at 6-2/180 with some power. Has some tools that can be coached.  
 3  Heath Burton  So  Hits from the right-side, a sub-7.0 runner.  
 4  Trey Hayes  8th A low-7.0’s runner and upper-70’s already. Could sharpen up his fundamentals over the summer and utilize more technique to be a force the next 4 years for the Mustangs.
 5  Steven Cooper  8th His bat is ahead of everything else at this point, but whats wrong with that? He can stroke it from the left-side. Great swing for a youngster 
 6  Mark Cothran  Sr Plays hard, needs more experience. Projects as a spot relief pitcher.
 7  Tyler Knight  So Quick hands at the plate. There are some things to like about him at this point. Will need to continue to improve   
 8  Sam Cothran  Fr Swings the bat, needs to get strong. Potential is present. 
 9  Tanner Lollis  7th Fundamentally sound, hes just very little at this point, but plays the right way. Kids grow!!! 
 10  Ty Lollis  So Older brother of Tanner, great infield actions. Solid at the plate, but its there. Just needs to develop more physically in the next year.