Scout Day 2008: Laurens Raiders


By: Nick Nickles-February 16, 2008

BurnsideT-stance07.JPGDP was in Simpsonville Saturday to run a scout day with the Riverside, Laurens and host Hillcrest before they would match up in a three-way scrimmage.

One thing for fact is the Riverside Warriors put on an absolute display of dominance in the showcase part of the day and then where it matters most, on the baseball field against their oppenents.

Laurens and Hillcrest had their bright spots as well, and Hillcrest particularly showed that its program still has plenty of pride and talent remaining.

The crew from Laurens came into town with the flu (left, Travis Burnside) and injury bug nagging at their talented club, but Coach Dale Nelson isn’t going to make any excuses for his club’s lackluster performance on the day. Laurens will get back to the work on Monday and get their attitudes refocused on defending their Region Championship.

DP will give you all the data as this fun day unfolded at Hillcrest High School.


-Laurens Raiders- 

60 Times

 Name  Class  60 Time
 Joe Marino  Jr   7.47
 Troy Coleman  Jr  7.62
 Kyle Blocker  Jr  7.45
 Bryant Robertson  Jr  7.78
 Adam Taylor  Jr  7.35
 Mark Johnson  Sr  8.19
 Zac O’Bryant  So  7.75
 Will Atkinson  Fr  7.40
 Allen Staton  Fr  7.63
 Ethan Adair  Fr  7.60
 Tori Patterson  So  7.62
 Josh Wilson  So  7.85
 Quinton Watts  Sr  7.53
 Dre Watts  Jr  7.50
 Kyle Waters  Sr  7.50
 Justin Smith  So  8.02
 Travis Burnside  Jr  FLU
 Nolan Crowder  Jr  8.01

Catchers-Pop Times

 Name  Class  Pop Time
 Kyle Waters  Sr  2.15-2.23
 Justin Smith  Soph  2.18-2.29

Top Outfield Arms

Rank  Name  Class
 1  Travis Burnside   Jr
 2  Dre Watts   Jr
 3  Ethan Adair  Fr
 4  Will Atkinson  Fr
 5  Adam Taylor  Jr

Top Infield Arms

Rank  Name  Class
 1  Tori Patterson  So
 2  Allen Staton  Fr
 T3  Kyle Blocker  Jr
 T3  Mark Johnson  Sr
 5  Josh Wilson  So

Top Infield Actions

Rank  Name  Class
 1  Tori Patterson  So 
 T2  Kyle Blocker  Jr
 T2  Allen Staton  Fr
 4  Josh Wilson  So
 5  Mark Johnson  Sr


 Name  Class  R/L  FB  BB  CH
 Dre Watts  Jr  R  84-87  71-74  74-75
 Joe Marino  Jr  R  75-79  65-68  None
 Adam Taylor  Jr  R  74-75  66-68  None


Top Prospects

 Rank  Name  Class  Scout Notes
 1  Travis Burnside  Jr  A baseball player thats an athlete, not the other way around. Not to mention he’s the fastest player in the state via DP Pro Day.
 2  Dre Watts  Jr   Has a good frame, ball comes out of his hand nicely. Needs to have a big year for Laurens on the bump.
 3  Tori Patterson  So  Can pick it up, made several plays with the glove that were plus plays. 4th year starting on Varsity. Leaves it on the field. 
 4  Allen Staton  Fr   Has the hands and arm to play the infield now, good swing at the plate. Just needs more playing experience for the youngster.  
 5  Kyle Waters   Sr   A good receiver, a contact hitter with a backside approach.  
 6  Kyle Blocker  Jr   Has improved, and will need to continue to do so to lock down third for the Raiders 
 7  Will Atkinson  Fr   Found ways on base, and collected one of the few hits for the Raiders on the day.  
 8  Mark Johnson  Sr   The tall lefty didn’t pitch today, but surprisingly he is not an automatic out at the plate. Started at 1st base and had quality at-bats.

Prospect Info: Laurens Raiders

Travis Burnside-Junior, OF/RHP: He was one of the few Raiders that showed up Saturday and collected a couple of hits. He was not feeling 100 percent recovering from the flu, but still was noticeable. His outfield arm and prowess is comparable to former Woodruff, and USC product, Marcus McBeth.

Will Atkinson-Freshman, OF: Atkinson found himself on base a couple of times and got the only other hit for the Raiders on the day, and scored the lone run. The freshman is worth mention and deserves a ‘follow’ status.