DP’s Pre-season Scrimmages


dp_logo1.pngDiamond Prospects is hosting four pre-season scrimmages during the month of February…

February 21 at Brookland-Cayce HS

8:30 AM – Airport BP in LF cages

9:00 AM – Southside Christian BP in LF cages

9:30 AM – Airport INF/OF

9:40 AM – Southside Christian INF/OF 

10:00 AM – Southside Christian vs Airport (9 innings)

11:30 AM – Brookland-Cayce BP in LF cages

11:45 AM – Sumter-60’s

12:00 PM – Sumter BP in LF cages

12:30 PM – Brookland-Cayce INF/OF

12:40 PM – Sumter INF/OF

12:50 PM – Southside Christian-60’s following game 

1:00 PM – Brookland-Cayce vs Sumter (5 innings) 

1:30 PM – Stratford-60’s

2:00 PM – Stratford BP in LF cages

2:40 PM – Stratford INF/OF

3:00 PM – Sumter vs Stratford (5 innings)

5:00 PM – Stratford vs Brookland-Cayce (5 innings)

*The 3rd and 4th gametimes are approximate, games will begin immediately following the game before.


February 21 at Easley’s Alice Mill Park

10:00 AM – Blue Ridge/Chesnee BP & INF/OF 

11:30 AM – Blue Ridge vs Chesnee (9 innings)

2:30 PM – Sptg/BHP 60’s & INF/OF

3:15 PM – Easley vs Spartanburg (5 innings)

              Spartanburg vs Belton-Honea Path (5 innings)

              Easley vs Belton-Honea Path (5 innings)


Coaches Notes…

-Team listed first will be in the 3B dugout and represent the home team unless otherwise agreed upon by both coaches for pitching reasons.

-Teams are responsible for chasing foul/HR balls on their side of the field.

-Unless noted otherwise, scrimmages will last 9 innings or 2 1/2 hours, whichever comes first.

-Please bring multiple rosters of your team, complete with uniform numbers.

-Please outfit your team with numbers – they do not have to be in a jersey, tshirts with numbers are perfectly fine.


General Notes…

This event is counted as a scrimmage, not a pre-season tournament or jamboree. Teams are guaranteed 9 innings, baseballs and umpires will be supplied by DP. Each team has the option to run the 60 before their games and DP will also compile a detailed prospect list for each club. To view an example of what we did last year as a follow-up for our pre-season scrimmages, click here.


Parent/Fan Notes…

-There will be a $5 Day Pass sold at the gate, no other passes will be accepted. Ages 12 & under are FREE. 

-Diamond Prospects apparel will be available throughout the day at each site.

-A concession stand will be open throughout the day courtesy of the host high school. Coaches choosing to feed their teams at the ballpark should notify the Head Coach of the host team upon your arrival that day.