TJ Young Recovery

By: Sonya Young-November 5, 2008 

I never played sports, I never really enjoyed watching them and when I went, it was more of a social event. The hours I saw the athletes practice and sweat I just didn’t get it. Then one day I turned around and I’m a mother of three boys. It began to change. The first moment you hold your son, you realize what life is all about. This past weekend was one of great revelation. On Saturday I experienced the worst and best moments of my life.

My oldest son was injured while playing baseball. At the hospital we were told without an emergency removal of his spleen, he would die in less than two hours. Then two hours later he is out and it is almost like the moment of his birth, only better because I know this person.

youngtjmom.jpgOver the next 48 hours I understand the bond of sports. Non-baseball friends wonder in amazement over the time and passion of watching a ballgame. But I know this simple game of baseball is not about a white ball and bat on a green diamond, it is about the bond we create. It’s not just your team, a player is family. We received calls from players we have played with and against. Team lines were put aside and the love and prayers poured in. The friends that we have made duning this simple game are life-long.

These are the people that understand why you get up at five in the morning to drive three hours for a ten o’clock game that is over by twelve. These are the people that don’t wait for a call when you need help. These are the people that text you, email and call you to check on your family. These are the people that come to sit with you while you wait for the surgeon to come and tell you your child will live. These are the people that come to the hospital after five hours of playing to make sure your child is ok. These are the people that listen when you cry. These are the people you share your life with. These are baseball people. These are my friends.

To everyone for every little thing you did, it was enormous. Riding home from a really hard weekend, all I have is thanks and gratitude for the love, prayers and general support you have given our family.

Todd, Sonya and TJ Young