Palmetto Games 2008: Application

Tentative Schedule for Saturday and Sunday * August 16-17, 2008


8:00 AM            Session 1 Check-in at Sarge Frye Field (Pick-up jersey)

8:45                 Session 1 players report to the field for a meeting and stretching

9:00-1:00         Batting Practice, Infield/Outfield, 7-inning game

12:00               Session 2 Check-in at Sarge Frye Field (Pick-up jersey)

12:45               Session 2 players report to the field for a meeting and stretching

1:00-5:00         Batting Practice, Infield/Outfield, 7-inning game

4:00                 Session 3 Check-in at Sarge Frye Field (Pick-up jersey)

4:45                 Session 3 players report to the field for a meeting and stretching

5:00-9:00         Batting Practice, Infield/Outfield, 7-inning game


9:00 AM            9-inning game

12:00               9-inning game

3:00                 9-inning game

Rosters will be set and exact times will be posted on August 12. Stay tuned to the website in the preceding days for updated information, DP will be our way of communicating with you.

*Note-Concession stand will be available each day.


Palmetto Games Application

Please PRINT the following form neatly, the information you provide us will be listed in the Scout Book for coaches and scouts. Detach this section and mail back with payment to: Diamond Prospects : PO Box 1262 : Conway, SC 29528

Stay tuned to leading up to the event for hotel information, directions, rosters, last second announcements, etc.

Name _____________________________ High School ____________________ Grad Year ___________

Address _______________________________ City ____________________ State ______ Zip ________

Home # _____________________ Cell # __________________ Email ___________________________

DOB _________________ Fall/Summer team ________________________________________________

1st position ________ 2nd position _________ HT __________ WT _________ Bats _____ Throws_____

GPA ___________ SAT (total, math, verbal) __________/__________/__________ ACT _____________

Medical Waiver: I waive and release Diamond Prospects, its staff and the University of South Carolina from any injury that may occur during the event to the above-mentioned invitee, on site or involving travel to and from the event. I also take responsibility for any expenses that incur during the camp due to necessary treatment of injury. I also give permission for emergency treatment if needed. I understand by signing this waiver, I give consent to participation in the event and assume all risk arising from it.

Parent/Guardian Signature: ________________________________ Date ________

Registration Fee: $50-Please make checks payable to Diamond Prospects, Deadline August 6

Due to insurance, facility fees and other expenses involved that are paid-in-full prior to the showcase, this event is NON-refundable. In the case of inclement weather, every effort will be made to move this event to an alternate date. Note: Event application and tuition must be received, not post-marked, by the posted deadline.

Total amount enclosed: $_______________

Diamond Prospects                        PO Box 1262                        Conway, SC 29528