Hit, Run & Throw: Application

Tentative Schedule for January 27, 2008

11:00 AM       Check-in at AC Flora High School

11:45            All players report to the playing field

11:55            Stretch

12:00            Event Begins

4:00 PM         Event Ends (time approximate depending on number of participants)

4:00                 Recruiting Seminar (45 minutes)


*Note-A concession stand will be available throughout the day.


Diamond Prospects Hit, Run & Throw Application

Please PRINT the following form neatly. Detach this section and mail back with payment to:

Diamond Prospects : PO Box 1262 : Conway, SC 29528


Stay tuned to TheDiamondProspects.com in the days leading up to the event for hotel information, directions, rosters, last second announcements, etc.


Name ____________________________________ High School ___________________________ Grad Year _________

Address ___________________________________ City __________________________ State ______ Zip __________

Home # _______________________ Cell # ______________________ Email _________________________________

DOB __________________ Fall/Summer team ___________________________________________________________


DP Members Only: User name______________________________ (Please subtract $5.00 from your event tuition)

Medical Waiver: I waive and release Diamond Prospects, its staff and/or AC Flora High School officials from any injury that may occur during the camp to the above-mentioned camper, on site or involving travel to and from the event. I also take responsibility for any expenses that incur during the camp due to necessary treatment of injury. I also give permission for emergency treatment if needed. I understand by signing this waiver, I give consent to participation in the event and assume all risk arising from it. 

Parent/Guardian Signature: _________________________________ Date ______________ 

Recruiting 101:

If you wish to attend the Recruiting Seminar, please check the corresponding box below.

_____ Yes, I would like to attend the Recruiting Seminar. In my family, _____ person(s) will attend. Please include an additional $25 to your event tuition. Be sure to pick up a seminar ticket at the check-in table.


Fee: $45 * Registration Deadline: January 25, 2008

Please make checks payable to Diamond Prospects


Note: DP Members receive a $5 discount. Players who are one of eight from the same high school receive a $10 discount-Please mail your applications in together.

Due to insurance, site fees and other expenses involved that are paid-in-full prior to the showcase, this event is NON-refundable. In the event of inclement weather, we will move the event to February 10. Note: Event application and tuition must be received, not post-marked, by the posted deadline.

Total amount enclosed: $_______________


Diamond Prospects                        PO Box 1262                        Conway, SC 29528