Scout Day: Emerald

By: Nick Nickles-February 18, 2010 

Stanley Moss allowed us to run his Emerald Vikings through a pro workout, and to our surprise we located one of the fastest players in the state in previously unknown sophomore John Mulkey. Unsigned senior Reid Dixon showed a nice arm during OF, and Emerald’s tools translated pretty well in the scrimmage against Dorman. Emerald is a scrappy bunch with hidden athleticism that could translaste into a postseason headache for higher ranked teams. Moss is one of the top 5 coaches in the state and he has consistently won with lesser talent dating back to his days at Greenwood. He will have the Vikings ready to go this season even after unexpectedly losing the top two players on his club in recent weeks.  


 Name  Grade  Time
 Reid Dixon  11th  7.35
 John Mulkey  10th  6.78
 Cooper Mullet  10th  7.51
 Taylor Buchanan  10th  7.41
 DJ Cox  11th  7.58
 Riley Detreville  10th  7.90
 Matthew Quarles  9th  7.60
 Kevin McKenna  11th  7.78
 Eric Clark  11th  7.28
 Kyle Turner  10th  7.75
 John Bates  11th  8.35
 Logan McGraw  10th  7.93
 Thomas Walker  11th  7.85
 William Walker  10th  8.17


Catchers-Pop Times

 Name  Grade  Time
 Thomas Walker  11th  2.25


Outfield-Top Arms

 Rank  Name  Grade
 1  Thomas Mulkey  10th
 2  Eric Clark  11th
 3  Reid Dixon  12th


Infield-Top Arms

 Rank  Name  Grade
 1  Taylor Buchannan  10th


Infield-Top Actions

 Rank  Name  Grade
 1  Taylor Buchanan  10th



 Name  Grade  R/L  FB  CB/SL  CH
 Kevin McKenna  11th  R  78-79   62-64  
 Matthew Quarles  9th  R  76-78  64  68-69 + change
 Kyle Turner  10th  R  75-78  61-62  
 Eric Clark  11th  R  74-78    

DP Note: All velocity readings were recorded with a Stalker radar gun.

Top Prospects

 Rank  Name  Grade  Position
 1  John Mulkey   10th  CF
 2  Matthew Quarles  9th  RHP
 3  Eric Clark  11th  OF
 4  Kevin McKenna  11th  RHP
 5  Reid Dixon  12th  OF
 6  Taylor Buchanan  10th  INF
 7  Riley Detreville  10th  C/INF

DP Note: Prospect Rankings are based on the player’s current ability level combined with how he projects at the next level.