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By: Nick Nickles-February 14, 2009

BurnsideT-stance07.JPGTalent overflowed at DP’s 8-Team Scrimmage/Scout Day in Boiling Springs on Saturday. A posse of scouts, rival high school coaches, passionate fans of Boiling Springs and respected team fans filled up the venue for an outstanding day of baseball.

Ten pitchers would prove to be 88 or better and four guys touched 90 and even an unsigned senior appeared on the radar throwing 86. There was something for all baseball people with this display of talent. The players kept rolling out and DP put tabs on all of the prospects.

The top bolt on the day was 93 MPH and the fastest 60 time was 6.53! Now it is time to break down the events of the day!

-Game Summary-

Game 1: Hillcrest 13 Gaffney 5

Hillcrest thrashed out 18 hits led by Dominique Anderson and Cameron Yost who each tallied three hits apiece. The Hillcrest staff would be stingy on Saturday only allowing 2 hits through the first 6 innings of play. The Rams overcame an early 3-1 deficit by posting 15 hits in the final 4 innings.

Game 2: Riverside 9 Laurens 1, 7 innings

PeglerM-finishIP.JPGA new Head Coach present in Mark Kish but the same Riverside type of results. Wil Leathers collected two hits and Kevin Cantrell homered for the Warriors. Matt Pegler’s (right) stuff looked very promising as well as the other six pitchers that threw 84 MPH or better on the day for Riverside.

Game 3: T.L. Hanna 19 Dorman 5

Wow! If there has ever been such thing as an upset in a scrimmage, this lopsided event would have to be near the top. Hanna assaulted Dorman pitching, and their pitching controlled the potent Dorman lineup. Brandon Herring paced the Yellow Jackets with 3 hits and 2 stolen bases and Garret Boulware added 3 hits as well in the winning effort.

Game 4: Boiling Springs 19 J.L. Mann 3

Jeff Lipscomb’s kids always come ready to fight every inning and win. Taylor Hollifield, Hunter Rice and Cameron Holmes lead the offensive charge and combined to drive in 8 runs against Mann. This one got out of hand early for J.L. Mann following a slew of walks and back-to back 6-run innings in the 4th and 5th innings.

-Hillcrest Rams-

anderson.dominique.jpgThe Rams are not flashy, but they can be quite dangerous. They run several low 80’s pitchers to the mound with pitchability led by junior Shane Thurston. Dominique Anderson is the sparkplug to the offense and their 2 through 6 hitters presents no easy outs. All nine starters recorded a hit in the scrimmage. Hillcrest will throw a loop into Region-II 4A before its over this season.

60 Times

 Name  Class  60 Time
 Phillip Worthington Sr  7.25
 Andrew Potts Jr  7.44
 Shane Thurston Jr  7.36
 Trey Tuten Sr  7.57
 Zach McAllister Jr  7.45
 Marshall Moore Jr  7.59
 James Abercrombie Sr  7.53
 Trayce Rogers Jr  7.49
 Johnathan Jones Jr  7.40
 Cameron Jones Jr  7.10
 Dominique Anderson Sr  6.97
 Zachary Morgan Jr  7.40
 Keith Orr Sr  7.27
 Ryan Short Jr  8.18
 Perry Case Jr  7.89


 Name  Grade  R/L  FB  CB  CH
 Shane Thurston  Jr  R  80-82 arm-side run  69  73-75 sinks
 Ryan Short  Jr  R  80-81    67-68
 Perry Case  Jr  R  80-82  64-66 sharp breaker  71-73

Top Prospects

 Rank  Name Class  Pos  Scout Notes
 1  Kirk Shelley  Jr  C  Shelley can hit at a premium position. He’s good for a rip a game
 2  Dominique Anderson  Sr  OF  Athletic OF, aggressive with some pop, solid feel for the game
 3  Cameron Yost  Sr  SS  Can pick it in the INF, solid left-handed bat with plenty of experience
 4  Zach McAllister  Jr  OF  Battling the injury bug, but has flashed signs of promise at the plate over the last year
 5  Trace Rogers  Jr  INF  High school version of Marcus Giles

-Gaffney Indians-

wilson.tyler.jpgGaffney is a solid group that is favored to win Region-III 4A. They will be led by junior Tyler Wilson (right) on the mound, and they will need Bobby Jackson to regain the promise he showed at the Palmetto Games in August to make a serious run in the playoffs. This group has a lot of experience, and they have high expectations for their club in 2009.


 Name  Grade  Time
 Matt Lester  Sr  7.6
 Michael Wright  Fr  7.69
 McCrae Norton  Sr  7.20
 Bo Davidson  Sr  7.62
 Bubba Wright  Sr  –
 Bobby Jackson  Sr  7.70
 Michael Hughey  Sr  7.52
 Bradley Ruppe  Sr  7.6
 Jared Mills  So  7.5
 Thomas Goode  Sr  7.53
 Tyler Wilson  Jr  7.62
 John Michaels  Sr  7.43
 Nick Mabry  Sr  7.35
 Josh Matta  Fr  7.71
 Cameron Culp  Sr  7.17


 Name  Class  R/L  FB  BB  CH
 Tyler Wilson  Jr  RHP  88-91 heavy w/life  74-77  77-78 +pitch today
 Bobby Jackson  Sr  RHP  81-84  67-72  71-78
 Cameron Culp  Sr  RHP  81-84  72-73  70-71
 Michael Wright  Fr  RHP  82-85  69-70  71-72

Top Prospects

 Rank  Name  Class  Scout Notes
 1  Tyler Wilson  Jr  Big bodied, strong arm kid blessed with a low-90’s fastball. He should attract serious pro attention this summer and next season
 2  Josh Matta  Fr  He’s very comfortable with a bat in his hands, and has a chance to be a top flight hitter
 3  Bobby Jackson  Sr   He’s missing some velo and that’s a slight cause for concern for the Indians.
 4  Michael Wright  Fr  A 2012 showing some velo early in his career
 5  Cameron Culp  Sr  6’3” long and lean frame gives him a chance to become better down the road
 6  John Michaels  Sr  Athletic frame with power should benefit from concentrating on just baseball in college

-Laurens Raiders-

watts.dre.jpgTravis Burnside and Dre Watts (right) are finally seniors, but Laurens has continued to graduate solid players over the past two years that helped take the load off the two stars. Laurens is young in areas and they will need to gain experience quickly. Burnside really struggled on the mound and Laurens will have to have him in old form to contend. At the end of the day, Laurens will either be in the thick of the contenders, or they will factor in by blowing up a good team in the playoffs with their two X-factors on the mound. That’s 4A upper-state baseball.     

60 Times

 Name  Class  60 Time
 Allen Staton So   7.37
 Travis Burnside Sr  6.53
 Wheeler Smith Fr  7.84
 Joe Marino Sr  7.56
 Kyle Blocker Sr  7.62
 Adam Taylor Sr  7.21
 Will Atkinson So  
 Ethan Adair So  7.59
 Zac O’Bryant Jr  7.53
 Wes Taylor Jr   7.37
 Dalton Evans Fr   7.84
 Dre Watts Sr   7.21
 Stephen Cooper Fr   7.62
 Hammer Walker 7th   8.15
 Tori Patterson Jr   7.84
 Justin Smith Jr   7.75


 Name  Class  R/L  FB  BB  CH
 Dre Watts Sr  RHP  85-88  74-76  76-77 
 Travis Burnside  Sr  RHP  82-86  71-72 75-76 
 Joe Marino Sr RHP 78-81  70-71   

Top Prospects

 Rank  Name  Class  Scout Notes
 T1 Travis Burnside   Sr  Top-notch athlete. Runs like a deer. Velocity was down quite a bit. Athletic abilites will play for him.
 T1 Dre Watts   Sr Easy 88 off the bump, translates to the OF picking up an assist today. Beautiful swing-bonafide two- way player 
 3  Allen Staton  So  Solid young infielder with potential to hit
 4  Tori Patterson  Jr  Hands in the infield are as good as anybody around
 5 Adam Taylor   Sr  Too good of a Left-handed hitter to remain unsigned

-Riverside Warriors-

scottj-head09.jpgThe Warriors have a front-line arm in senior Matt Pegler and will send a lineup at their opposition that doesn’t have any easy outs featuring Jordan Scott (left) and Wil Leathers at the top. Riverside plays as solid as always and they expect to win. The Warriors will factor into things again this year in the 3A race.   

60 Times

 Name  Class  60 Time
 Dean Stageburg  So  7.59
 Jay Lizanich  So  7.56
 Alex Poag  Jr  6.96
 Wil Leathers  Jr  6.93
 John Reinholz  Sr  7.29
 Evan Marshall  Jr  7.35
 Ryan Graham  Jr  7.56
 Taylor Norris  Jr  7.59
 Jordan Scott  Jr  6.83
 Austin Lawrence  Jr  7.09
 Shane Mcmahon  So  7.25
 Matt Reeves  Jr  7.28
 Chase Warren  Jr  7.31
 Robbie Wagner  Jr  8.00
 Kevin Cantrell  Sr  7.22
 Matt Pegler  Sr  7.66
 Nick Peter  So  7.53


 Name  Class  R/L  FB  BB  CH
 Matt Pegler  Sr  R  86-89 very clean  73-74 slurving it nicely  
 Kevin Cantrell  Sr  R  84-87  72-77  
 Matt Reeves  Jr  R  82-85  65-69 75 

 Top Prospects

 Rank  Name  Class  Scout Notes
 T1  Jordan Scott  Jr  Solid in every facet of the game as a position player. Ran well today as well 
 T1  Matt Pegler  Sr  Touched 89 with maybe the best pitchability in the state. Arm action is terrific and he hides the ball effectively
 3  Wil Leathers  Jr  He’s a bit undersized, but he produces time and time again. Hes going to be a steal for a college program. He wont be as studly in a uni as the 6’2” player, but he’s going to get it done.
 4 Kevin Cantrell  Sr  Unsigned Senior!!! Big right-hander was up to 87. Cantrell is a work in progress with some upside. He even showed a little power at the plate hitting a HR 

-Dorman Cavaliers-

delpinos-stride09.jpgDespite the score of this scrimmage, it should be noted Dorman came in with a totally scripted scrimmage. While it was a bad outing and they certainly aren’t happy with their lackluster performance, this is still the team to beat in the upstate to play for the State Title. Dorman’s pitching will be fine. coledy-release09.jpgHunter Cole didn’t get to throw his inning tonight, but he will be able to give them a quality arm out of the pen. They look to have four solid options on the mound in Dylan Cole (right), Stefan del Pino (left), Ian McKinney and Hunter Cole.

Dorman has the biggest X on their back this season and every team they play this season will bring their "A" game. Everyone knows Dorman has superior talent and they can play, but it is not going to be easy. The question is, "Are they mentally tough enough to be attacked by every team they play?" and "Can they take the fight to the dog (similar to Boiling Springs last season)?"

They start out with Wando at the IP Classic.      

60 Times

 Name  Class  60 Time
 Hunter Cole  So  6.88
 Ian McKinney  Jr  6.94
 Stefan del Pino  Sr  6.97
 Will Muzika  Sr  7.00
 Joseph Metz  Jr  6.97
 Tyler Wilson  Jr  6.93
 T.J. Young  Sr  6.94
 Jake Kirkland  Sr  6.71
 Dylan Cole  Sr  7.22
 Tyler Crocker  So  7.56
 Logan Morris  Sr  6.87
 Zach Metts  Jr  7.00
 Aaron Everette  Sr  7.29
 Michael Sobeski  Jr  7.63
 Sammy Kennedy  Sr  6.72
 Will Thompson  Fr  6.87
 Drew Bailey  Jr  7.75
 Fisher Easterling  Jr  7.16


 Name  Class  R/L  FB  BB  CH
 Dylan Cole  Sr  RHP 87-88  66-70   
 Stefan del Pino  Sr  LHP 88-90  75-76  79-80 
 Logan Morris  Sr  RHP 85-86  73-75  78 
 Drew Bailey  Jr  RHP 79-81 68-71   
 Ian McKinney  Jr  LHP 81-82  68-69  71 
 Fisher Easterling  Jr  RHP 81-83  71-72   

Top Prospects

 Rank  Name  Class  Scout Notes
 1  Hunter Cole  So  Improved his running, looked great defensively at 3B, and Cole can swing it with the best. Will be the best pro prospect in SC since Jason Place 
 2  Stefan del Pino   Sr Good body and up to 90. All of his stuff checks out, but it also finds some bats. Delly at this point has the highest ceiling out of the "big three" of LHP in the ’09 class.  
 3  Dylan Cole  Sr  Cole dropped his arm slot and picked up some life w/out losing velocity. He was the only pitcher that had success today for Dorman.
 T4  Jake Kirkland   Sr He has a big body with strength and can also run well. He has very good power with some bat-speed. Is now an un-signed senior looking for a place to hit
 T4  Will Muzika  Sr  He doesnt do anything great, but he does everything pretty good. Every great team has a versatile player. Muzika is that guy for Dorman
 6  Tyler Crocker  So Catcher flashes ability and a decent stick. He’s a year away from being a guy. 
 7  T.J. Young  Sr Plays hard, loves baseball. He will do anything to make sure his name is in the lineup everyday. Still recovering from weight loss from freak injury during fall ball. 
 8  Logan Morris  Sr Unsigned Senior!!! He’s got a quick arm with plus movment at times pitching at 86. He needs more mound time, but he can get outs for some school.  
 9  Sammy Kennedy  Sr Listed at 6-2/200, he turned in a 6.9/60-time. Kennedy has been around for a while and has had some big games for Dorman. He looked quite "diamond prospecty" on Saturday

-T.L. Hanna Yellow Jackets-

hallbrooks-contact09.jpgHanna came to Boiling Springs to make a statement against Dorman and they got everyone’s attention. They have two front line arms in Brooks Hall (left) and Jake Long and a future star behind the plate in Garrett Boulware. Hanna could be a serious problem in the playoffs for an aspiring team, and they surely cannot be counted out to make a run. They hit the ball all over the yard, and they’ve easily got enough talent to win Region-1 4A.  

60 Times

 Name  Class  60 Time
 Tyler Ashworth  Jr  6.90
 Garrett Boulware  So  7.03
 Brooks Hall  Sr  6.87
 Erich Hellstrom  Sr  7.32
 Brandon Herring  Jr  6.89
 McClain Murphy  Sr  7.30
 Causey Stanland  So  7.40
 Clay Tucker  Sr  6.83
 Jake Long  Jr  7.01


 Name  Class  R/L  FB  BB  CH
 Jake Long  Jr  RHP  84-87 73-76 CB is one of the best in ’10 class  74-78 
 Brooks Hall  Sr  RHP  90-93 w/ + life at times 73-74   
 Jaren Sustar  Sr  RHP 82-84  72-73   

Top Prospects

 Rank  Name  Class  Scout Notes
 1  Brooks Hall  Sr 

6’5” 90-91 touched 93. He’s a wild card for the draft. In a game of projectability and upside, he could easily be seen as a guy who will pitch on MLB extra innings in a few years. We will just enjoy watching him play and develop this season!!! This one will be interesting!

 2  Garrett Boulware  So  Remember the name!!! He’s a stud catcher and put on a show Saturday catching, throwing and hitting.
 3  Jake Long  Jr  Long passed a big test Saturday against Dorman’s sticks. His breaking ball makes him a guy and he got good hitters out rather easily Saturday. Long has made big strides. He also had a HR at the plate.
 4  Jaren Sustar  Sr  Stroked a couple of baseballs. Plays with confidence, and was able to get on the bump. He threw strikes and competed. Sustar should help CSU rather quickly
 5  Brandon Herring  Jr  Transferred in from Blue Ridge to bat led-off for the Yellow Jackets. He collected 3 hits and ran a 6.89 while swiping 2 bags. Herring has plopped onto the radar

-J.L. Mann Patriots-

pagan.emilio.jpgBrian Simpson’s troops hung in there until the fourth inning and a 2-0 deficit turned into a 14-0 deficit at the end of five. They will miss David Donald who will likely miss the entire season with a shoulder injury. Mann will look to youth in the program for possible candidates that can step up and play a solid role. Mann’s whole offense will be centered around Emilio Pagan (right) and Paul Nitto. If they are as unproductive at the plate as they were tonight, Mann will have trouble scoring runs against quality pitching until the younger players beat the learning curve.

60 Times

 Name  Class  60 Time
 Reid Moman  So  6.93
 Chris Saindon  Sr  7.31
 Brady Hegwood  So  7.02
 Michael Mitchem  So  7.30
 Cameron Saindon  Jr  7.40
 Justin Charles  Jr  7.55
 Garrison Gray  Jr  7.00
 Travis Greig  Sr  7.26
 Robert Landers  Jr  7.41
 Braden Roth  Jr  7.41
 Ward Jones  Jr  7.90
 Emilio Pagan  Sr  7.00
 Brent Vogel  Sr  7.20
 JR Black  So  7.05
 Bo Thompson  So  7.60
 Matt Peden  So  6.85
 Spencer Bishop  Sr  7.55
 Paul Nitto  Sr  7.42


 Name  Class  R/L  FB  BB  CH
 Emilio Pagan  Sr  RHP  87-90  70-71 73-74 
 Robert Landers  Jr  LHP  83-84  65-68  74-75
 Justin Charles  Jr  LHP  78-81  65-66  

Top Prospects

 Rank  Name  Class  Scout Notes
 1  Emilio Pagan  Sr   Fastball touched 90 tonight. Great kid that wants to get better. Has a chance to throw even harder down the road 
 2  Matt Peden So  Fighting thru a "sophomore slump". His swing will hit a lot of baseballs in time. He ran a 6.85 but his feel for the game doesnt translate now, but his tools will eventually play very well.
 3  Paul Nitto   Sr Has made very good strides with his body. He looks like a college starter now. Nitto is likely the best all-around catcher in his class.  
 4  Robert Landers  Jr  This kid has a chance of being a good left-handed pitcher, but he has to find some sort of consistency. He’s worthy of a ‘follow’ simply on tools.


-Boiling Springs Bulldogs-

riceh-finish08.jpgJeff Lipscomb’s team has to stay healthy, especially on the mound to have a chance at making a serious run again. Cameron Holmes and Hunter Rice (right) will have to carry the load on the bump and at the plate. The mentality hasn’t changed and they never let up until the game is over. They piled on 19 runs tonight, and they thrive off the opposition’s mistakes. Boiling Springs has a special style of baseball and its very fun to watch.  

60 Times

 Name  60 Time
 Austin Hall  7.20
 Caleb Rotton  7.19
 Blair Green  6.87
 Aaron Brown  7.28
 Austin Worthy  7.90
 Blake Harris  6.77
 Chase Rhea  7.23
 Matt McAbee  7.28


 Name  Class  R/L  FB  BB  CH
 Cameron Holmes  Sr   LHP   86-88  76-78
 Hunter Rice  Jr  RHP  84-89    76-79
 Austin Brown    RHP  75-77    
 Johnathan Pulley  So  RHP  79-82  72   73

Top Prospects

 Rank  Name  Class  Scout Notes
 1  Cameron Holmes  Sr  Best left-handed pitcher in his class. He throws strikes, changes speeds, and knows how to win. He also hit another HR. Holmes is doing his best to keep that bat in his hands at the CofC.  
 2  Hunter Rice  Jr  Fastball up to 89 and hes goes at hitters hard and early. He also continues to be a good high school hitter.
 3  Taylor Hollifield  Jr

This kid can really play defense and he’s going to hit enough down the road. He’s a little thin, but with added weight this kid is a legit Division 1-caliber infielder with plus defensive skills

DP Notes: All MPH’s were recorded with a Stalker radar gun…60’s times were recorded on a track.