Scout Day: St. James Sharks

By: Austin Alexander-February 12, 2008

St. James skipper Robbie Centracchio opened his gates to Diamond Prospects on a windy Tuesday for their Scout Day and scrimmage. While the trip to Murrells Inlet was prompted by the urge to view a junior southpaw, we uncovered some young players to follow in the process.


Before I even made my first stride toward the Sharks well-maintained playing surface, I was greeted by St. James senior Tim Corbin in the parking lot, a senior left-handed pitcher that has signed with Presbyterian. Fortunately for him, his basketball team was headed out of town for a First Round Playoff match-up with Darlington. Unfortunately for DP, we would not see him take the hill on this night. But we didn’t come away empty handed…


The Sharks were hosting Andrews High School, which pitted two teams reeling from the loss of quality players a year ago. And then the run-fest was on! Walks, misplays, wild pitches and swirling winds made for an interesting evening for both clubs, as a typical February scrimmage became a race to beat the incoming rain.


Fast-forward to the reason for the trip, Kelly Wright. He took infield and threw with grace, pitched one inning and yanked a hamstring coming out of the box in his next at bat. 

60 Times


 Name  Class  60 Time
 David Aldridge  Sr  7.46
 Derrick Amann  Sr  7.81
 Ingram Bell  Sr  7.07
 David Causey  Sr  7.91
 Kelly Wright  Jr  7.28
 Tim McGraw  Jr  9.09
 Tyler Servant  Jr  8.22
 Ryan Ziegler  Jr  7.59
 Brunson Miller  Jr  7.13
 Nick Hotzelt  So  7.90
 Colby Crooks  So  7.75
 Gunnar Heidt  Fr  7.62
 Robert Toriano  Fr  8.35
 Tanner English  Fr  7.62
 Anthony Cossentino  Fr  7.85


Catchers-Pop Time


 Name  Class  Pop Time
 Ryan Ziegler  Jr  2.12-2.17


Top Outfield Arms


Rank  Name  Class
 1  Derrick Amann  Sr
 2  Tanner English  Fr
 T3  David Aldridge  Sr
 T3  Brunson Miller  Jr


Top Infield Arms


Rank  Name  Class
 1  Kelly Wright-1B  Jr
 2  Colby Crooks  So
 3  Gunnar Heidt  Fr
 T4  Robert Toriano  Fr
 T4  Anthony Cossentino  Fr


Top Infield Actions


Rank  Name  Class
 1  Gunnar Heidt  Fr
 2  Robert Toriano  Fr
 3  Colby Crooks  Fr


 Name  Class  R/L  FB  BB  CH
 David Aldridge  Sr  R  80-81  –  66-67 
 Derrick Amann  Sr  R  75-79  –  65-66
 Kelly Wright  Jr  L  82-83  –  74-75
 Anthony Cossentino  Fr  R  74-75  –  61-63

Top Prospects


 Rank  Name  Class  Scout Notes
 1  Kelly Wright  Jr  Very loose and projectable arm and frame; definite follow in 09 class; plus defender at 1B but future is as a LHP
 2  Tanner English  Fr  Stong arm, solid runner and good bat-speed with plenty of physical maturing to come
 3  Ryan Ziegler  Jr  Solid arm strength and very accurate behind the dish with every throw; defensive skills are ahead of bat but has passion to play the game
 4  David Aldridge  Sr  Another energized and passionate player with some two-way skills at the right school; can play past HS
 T5  Gunnar Heidt  Fr  Good swing and likely starter at SS; when he gets stronger, will project better as a 3B
 T5  Anthony Cossentino  Fr  Potential two-way player with some arm strength and pop in his bat