Scout Day 2008: Blue Ridge Tigers

By: Nicholas Nickles- February 20, 2008

Coach Steve Goodwin invited DP in for a day in early February, but rainy weather interfered with our plans on two occasions, but the third time was a charm for a DP Scout Day with Blue Ridge Tigers.

Coach Goodwin has a great mix of traditional values that classic old school coaches (commonly referred to as “old heads”) carry, but also has a modern day perspective of today’s baseball. Goodwin’s players were excited, stretched and ready to go when we arrived at the ballpark. The field was set up for the evaluation, and we simply got started.

The Tigers had short haircuts, fresh shaves and they were decked in baseball attire. Coach Goodwin also let it be known that their team cleats have not yet been delivered, and even down to the footwear, would have been in unison on this day if at all possible. Also noteworthy, Coach Goodwin had three types of rosters with all the information that a college coach or scout could possibly utilize without having to inquire. A first class environment nestled in the rural mountains in Northern Greenville County. Here’s how the Tigers graded out by the numbers

60 Times

 Name  Class  60 Time
 Cody Vaughn  So  7.60
 Chas Goodwin  So  7.99
 Coby Adams  Sr  7.41
 Dillion Epps  Jr  7.03
 Luke Black  So  7.50
 Pat Roberson  Sr  7.81
 Matt Hughes  Sr  7.53
 Chase Corn  So  7.66
 Josh Straub  Sr  8.10
 Jonah Smith  Sr  8.41
 Tyler Clark  Sr  7.53
 Ryan Reeve  Jr  8.44
 Brandon Wooten  Fr  7.90
 Cole Robison  So  7.80
 Billy Watson  So  8.25
 Peter Kovanda  Sr  6.94
 Ricky Young  Sr  7.37
 Chas Williams  Sr  8.12
 Mac Bragg  Sr  7.71

Catchers-Pop Times

 Name  Class  Pop Time
 Chas Goodwin  So  2.09-2.12
 Matt Hughes  Sr  2.21-2.40
 Chas Williams  Fr  2.41-2.47

Top Outfield Arms

Rank  Name  Class
 1  Luke Black  So
 2  Coby Adams  Sr
 3  Dillion Epps  Jr
 4  Cole Robison  So
 5  Cody Vaughn  So

Top Infield Arms

Rank  Name  Class
 1  Luke Black  So
 T2  Jonah Smith  Sr
 T2  Chase Corn  So
 4  Tyler Clark  Sr
 5  Dillion Epps  Jr

Top Infield Actions

Rank  Name  Class
 1  Luke Black  So
 2  Tyler Clark  Sr
 3  Jonah Smith  Sr
 4  Brandon Wooten  Fr
 5  Chase Corn  So



 Name  Class  R/L  FB  BB  CH
 Cole Robison  So   L  76-78  58  62
 Chase Corn  So  L  77-78 runs away nicely  62-63  65
 Coby Adams  Jr  R  78-82  64-66  None 
 Jonah Smith  Sr  R  76-77  60-63 only pitch that bothered Liberty hitters on the night  69
 Josh Straub  Sr  R  68-70  58  None
 Billy Watson  Sr  R  66-68  57  None


Top Prospects

 Rank  Name  Class  Scout Notes
 1  Luke Black  So  Good actions and quick release. He will swing a little bit this year for the Tigers
 2  Peter Kovanda   Sr  Did not pitch because of injury. Best looking athlete on the field and posted a sub-7.0 60 time
 T3  Cole Robison  So  Lefty with good movement, looked at home on the mound
 T3  Chase Corn  So   Corn and Robison looked liked identical twins on this night. Lefty, movement, same as above…
 5  Chas Goodwin  So

 Broken finger, so he couldn’t play but he did post some 2.1 pop times and showed improved feet work and athleticism behind the dish.

 6  Dillon Epps  Jr  A pleasant surprise, 7.0 flat runner with a playable arm from the OF, led game off with a stand up triple.
 7  Brandon Wooten  Fr  Will make Blue Ridge have a top-flight infield in a couple of years combining with Black up the middle. Could get it done at short now if needed.
 8  Matt Hughes  Sr  Solid, good looking frame. Not bad behind the plate but projects more of a corner INF or LF. Ball comes of the bat ball well. Line-drive hitter 
 9  Coby Adams  Sr  A decent arm, low-80’s on the bump with a good curveball. Needs to work on control and pitch selection, but has stuff to get outs.
 10  Cody Vaughn  So

 Good arm from the OF and INF, hasn’t broken the line-up quite yet, but the coaches are very aware of his abilities.