DP Scoreboard

In our continual efforts to improve the visibility of high school baseball in South Carolina, Diamond Prospects is very excited to introduce the website’s newest feature!

In 2008, subscribers will have the ability to post the following information on DP’s Scoreboard for everyone to view: final score, winning/losing pitcher, as well as the save if it applies. We are presently looking into a way to recognize offensive exploits.

Diamond Prospects has developed the reputation of providing factual information. We have never opened our site up for biased opinions, nor will we ever. We ask that our loyal subscribers use complete discretion and only report indisputable info. Objectivity and accuracy is critical to the success of our mission, if this feature is abused, we will be forced to remove it.

A few ground rules for our viewers that post: For a starting pitcher, the winning pitcher must throw 4 complete innings in a 7 inning game, 3 complete innings in a 6 inning game and 3 complete innings in a 5 inning game. All other MLB rules apply for a reliever and losing pitcher/save situations. We ask that if you are unsure who the pitcher of record was, leave that space blank. Also, please make every attempt to spell the names of schools and players accurately.

DP has the ability to view which subscriber makes each post. If bogus information becomes routine, or this feature is not treated with integrity, that subscriber will forfeit his/her account. Again, we want our viewers to know what they read is legitimate and factual, your assistance in patrolling that will be greatly appreciated.

So with a new baseball season upon us, we want to provide you the most comprehensive and updated hardball information. The new DP Scoreboard is here and open for business! It has been designed to be user-friendly for our subscribers and we hope that you agree. Check it out and see what you think. It is located along the tool bar on the front page or can also be viewed by clicking here.