Scout Day 2008: Belton-Honea Path Bears

By: Nick Nickles-February 5, 2008

Coach Steve Williams opened the door for DP at his fine facility in the corner of Anderson County on Tuesday night for Scout Day in conjunction with the Westside Rams. On a soft track from a soaking rain the day before, it was obvious that Coach Williams had some good athletes. B-HP turned in decent times even on this saturated outfield track that left runners with wet backs. B-HP will be led by two-way players Barrett Phillips and Matthew Moore. If the Bears can generate enough offense they could walk away with the Region 1-3A crown.          

60- Times

 Name  Class  60
 Jared Jennings  Fr  7.19
 Tyler Lollis  Jr  7.09
 Parker Frost  Soph  7.23
 Lance Moore  Soph  7.16
 Barrett Phillips  Sr  7.11
 Jacob Chapman  Soph  7.47
 Cody Gambrell  Sr  7.15
 Jacob Tavernier  Soph  6.90
 Matthew Moore  Jr  7.11
 Jon Terbeek  Jr  7.86
 Jeremy Powell  Jr  8.52
 Austin Gambrell  Fr  7.55
 Dylan Ashley  Soph  7.36
 Brody Greer  Jr  7.42
 Creed Cambell  Soph  7.71
 Matthew Charping  Fr  8.20
 Cody Spence  Fr  8.76
 Andrew Cox  8th  7.32

Best OF Arms

 Rank  Name  Class
 1  Barrett Phillips  Sr
 2  Cody Gambrell  Sr
 3  Andrew Cox  8th
 4  Jacob Tavenier  Soph
 5  Lance Moore  Soph

Best Infield Arms

 Rank  Name  Class
 1  Matthew Moore  Jr
 2  Brody Greer  Jr
 3  Austin Gambrell  Fr
 4  Spence Cody  Fr
 5  Parker Frost  Soph

Best Infield Actions

 Rank  Name  Class
 1  Matthew Moore  Jr
 2  Brody Greer  Jr
 3  Spence Cody  Fr
 4  Austin Gambrell  Fr
 5  Parker Frost  Soph


 Name Class Fastball   Breaking ball  Change
 Barrett Phillips  Sr  84-86 left wanting to see more. Plus movment tonight  72-74 Nasty  71
 Matthew Moore  Jr  80-81 located well with sliding action away to righties  66-68 Get me over for strikes  72
 Austin Gambrell  Fr  79-81 was changing planes effectively  65-68 solid   None
 Brody Greer  Jr  75-77  65-67 unusual release that yielded results  70
 Jon Terbeek  Jr  74-75  63-64  None
 Cody Gambrell  Sr  75-76 keeps it down, forces contact  62-63  None

Top Prospects

 Rank  Name  Class  Notes
 T1  Matthew Moore  Jr  A very good athlete. May have the quickest infield actions in the state regardless of class. QB on the football team. Needs more At-Bats. Fun to watch defensively. 
 T1  Barrett Phillips  Sr Two-way player, was exceptional on the mound tonight. Unsigned senior lefty in the mid-80’s with a hook interested??? He’s available and legit.
 T3  Jacob Tavernier  Soph  Young outfielder that can run well. Has good hands at the plate.
 T3 Brody Greer  Jr  Greer is a solid player. Swings the pole a little bit and competes. He’s a guy for some one. 
 5  Andrew Cox  8th grade  This kid looks like a junior in high school. A good comaparison would be ex-greenville raider Matt Lentz of 2007. Athletic.   
 6  Austin Gambrell  Fr  Two-way player, topped 81 on the bump. If he takes care of his wing, big velos are on the way.
 7  Jared Jennings  Fr  Will start at catcher as a freshman and runs a 7.19. Looks very solid for a 9th grader;
 8  Tyler Lollis  Jr  Contact hitter and he can run okay
 9  Matthew Charping  Fr  Bat-speed was evident in his AB.
 10  Cody Gambrell  Sr  Contact hitter that can run a little.