Scout Day 2008: Pickens Blue Flame


By: Nick Nickles-February 11, 2008

First year T.L. Hanna Head Coach Mark Crook brought in DP to run the Yellow Jackets through a DP scout day before a home contest with the Pickens Blue Flame. Pickens head coach Stan Butler’s Blue Flame joined the scout day upon arrival and with the help of the coaches we completed the workout in less than 30 minutes!!! Then, both teams jumped right into the scrimmage, and with both teams being known for stout high school offenses, they didn’t disappoint. Nearly 20 runs were scored in this 8-inning affair and DP stuck around to bring you detailed prospect information on two quality baseball teams.

Prospect Info: Pickens

ThomasL-DPjune07.JPGLogan Thomas-Sophomore, INF/RHP: Displays a cannon arm across the infield when he scoops up a ball at short. A young exciting high school player that is fun to watch play the game. Thomas (right) is a special player, having played on the varsity since he was in the seventh grade. Thomas would benefit by showing more consistency at the plate. Thomas has the ability to be an all-state performer and should contend for Region Player of the Year with a solid campaign at the plate and on the bump. A definite prospect in the 2010 class.

Stephen Wyatt-Unsigned senior, OF: We do know that he can hit a legit fastball. In our last viewing of Pickens last year during the upper state playoff round versus A.C. Flora, he took Logan Munson out to centerfield and also recorded three hits on the day. On his first day out from basketball, he started right where he left off, grabbing two hits. The ball comes of his bat nicely and he just finds a way to hit. All indications are that Wyatt has good grades and a 20+ ACT score.  

60 Times

 Name  Class  60
 Jut Owens  Sr  7.59
 Blake Ellenburg  Jr  7.89
 Josh Crumpton  Sr  8.46
 Tyler Dacus  Sr  8.49
 Kendal Ray  Jr  7.28
 Brett Finley  Jr  7.66
 Logan Thomas  So  7.37
 Clay Winstead  Sr  8.69 
 Reed Kent  Sr  7.45
 Will Burgess  Jr  7.62
 Cody Bowen  Sr  8.10
 Josh Moses  Sr  8.06
 Carlin Grant  Jr  7.82
 Rae Brazeale  Jr  7.68
 Stephen Wyatt  Sr  7.25
 Doug Atkins  Jr  7.72
 Jacob Batson  Jr  7.97
 Jacob Fowler  Jr  7.44
 Brandon Looper  Jr  8.10
 Aaron Hester  Jr  7.50

Best Outfield Arms 

Rank Name Class 
 1  Jordan Smith   Sr
 2  Doug Atkins  Jr
 3  Stephen Wyatt  Sr
 4  Jacob Fowler  Jr
 5  Josh Moses  Sr

Best Infield Actions

 Rank  Name  Class
 1  Logan Thomas  So
 2  Kendall Ray  Jr
 T3  Will Burgess  Jr
 T3  Reed Kent  Sr
 5  Clay Winstead  Sr

Best Infield Arms

 Rank Name Class 
 1 Logan Thomas   So
 2 Kendall Ray   Jr
 3 Reed Kent   Sr 
 4 Will Burgess   Jr
 5 Clay Winstead   Sr

Catchers Pop Times

 Name  Time  Class
 Jut Owens  2.15-2.22  Sr
 Blake Ellenburg  2.19-2.28  Jr 


 Name  Class  Fastball  Curveball   Change
 Rae Brazeale  Jr  70-73 was effective when down in the zone  56-59  None
 Jacob Batson  Jr  74-75 found the middle of the plate too often  65-67  None
 Jake Fowler  Jr  78-79  64-67  None
 Logan Thomas  So  84-87 has some life, misses bats  70-71 plus breaking pitch at times  None

Top Prospects 





 1  Logan Thomas  So  Easy to think he has the best infield arm in the state. Can he play up to his potential and when will that happen? That is the question. It was there tonight. 
 2  Stephen Wyatt  Sr   Ball comes of his bat good. Has some power. First day out of basketball, gets two hits.
 3  Kendall Ray  Jr  A good little player who plays with some guts. Scrappy
 4  Doug Atkins  Jr  A country strong boy with a good arm. Very raw
 5  Josh Moses  Sr  Got a little power. Has to find a position
 6  Jacob Batson  Jr  Scrappy hitter at the plate.
 7  Josh Crumpton  Sr   Good looking body, when he runs into the baseball it travels.