Scout Day 2008: Riverside Warriors


By: Nick Nickles-February 16, 2008

BatesC-3B.JPGDP was in Simpsonville Saturday to run a scout day with the Riverside, Laurens and host Hillcrest before they would match up in a three-way scrimmage.

One thing for fact is the Riverside Warriors (left, Chris Bates) put on an absolute display of dominance in the showcase part of the day and then where it matters most, on the baseball field against their oppenents.

Laurens and Hillcrest had their bright spots as well, and Hillcrest particularly showed that its program still has plenty of pride and talent remaining.

The crew from Laurens came into town with the flu and injury bug nagging at their talented club, but Coach Dale Nelson isn’t going to make any excuses for his club’s lackluster performance on the day. Laurens will get back to the work on Monday and get their attitudes refocused on defending their Region Championship.

DP will give you all the data as this fun day unfolded at Hillcrest High School.


60 Times

 Name  Class  60 Time
 Jordan Scott  Soph  6.96
 Sam Reese  Sr  No Time
 Alex Poag  So  7.06
 Blake Tollison  Jr  7.35
 Austin Lawrence  So  7.33
 Wil Leathers  So  7.06
 John Reinholz  Jr  7.38
 Will Owens  Sr  7.18
 Chipper Daniels  Sr  7.19
 Ben Scroggs  Jr  7.60
 Blake Howard  Jr  7.62
 Rob Kish  Sr  7.47
 Michael Roth  Sr  7.34
 Matt Reeves  So  7.59
 Nate Cook  Sr  7.53
 Chase Warren  So  7.72
 Daniel Cloy  Jr  No Time
 Kevin Cantrell  Jr  7.47
 Matthew Pegler  Jr  7.60
 Nick Peter  Fr  7.43
 Steven Daniels  Jr  No Time
 Thomas Spencer  Fr  7.50
 Ryan Graham  So  8.25

Catchers-Pop Times

 Name  Class  Pop Time
 Nate Cook  Sr  2.13-2.19
 Kevin Cantrell  Jr  2.12-2.18
 Nick Peter  Fr  2.34-2.49
 Ryan Graham  Soph  2.21-2.35

Top Outfield Arms

Rank  Name  Class
 1  Michael Roth  Sr
 2  Rob Kish  Sr
 T3  Jordan Scott  So
 T3  John Rienholz  Jr
 T3  Matt Reeves  So

Top Infield Arms

Rank  Name  Class
 1  Michael Roth  Sr
 2  Matt Pelger  Jr
 3  Will Owens  Sr
 4  Chipper Daniels  Sr
 5  Will Leathers  So
 6  Ben Scroggs  Jr

Top Infield Actions

Rank  Name  Class
 1  Chipper Daniels  Sr
 2  Will Owens  Sr
 3  Michael Roth  Sr
 4  Will Leathers  So
 5  Matt Pegler  Jr


 Name  Class  R/L  FB  BB  CH
 Michael Roth Sr  80-81 fantastic control  57-58 big slow breaker  71 with sink, gives the middle infielders routine grounders 
 Kevin Cantrell Jr  85-86 Heavy ball, looks harder than what gun displays   68-70 threw it for a strike, good break  71
 Matt Reeves So  77-81  61-68 nasty breaker, best pitch   
 Daniel Cloy Jr  74-75   61  None
 Rob Kish Sr  81-84 locates both sides of the plate  65-66 67-68 good action on change piece 


Top Prospects

 Rank  Name  Class  Scout Notes
 1  Michael Roth  Sr   A focused, talented leader spells trouble for Riverside oppenents. Will contend for every postseason award including Mr. Baseball. Has to be an early favorite. Expect a huge senior season.
 2  Jordan Scott So   Projectable player. Tall, sub-7.0 runner, good arm from the OF, and makes it look easy in center. Oh yea he can hit. 3 hits from the left-side and swiped a bag today.  
 3  Matt Pegler Jr  Didnt pitch today, but he hit a towering HR over the scoreboard in left. An experienced veteran on a great team.    
 4  Will Owens Sr  Gets it going for the Warriors. A great baserunner and top-notch defensive infielder. Fights at the plate and stays on base.  
 5  Rob Kish Sr  Moves the ball in and out and throws lots of strikes while mixing it up. Dependable and efficient. A low to mid-80’s guy who can pitch. 
 6 Kevin Cantrell  Jr  Has a good arm. Consistently a mid-80’s guy. Needs to pitch a little more and work ahead in counts, but ability and size are already present.  
 7  Matt Reeves So 

Didn’t have it all working on the hill today, but at 6’2" with a hammer makes him projectable. A jump away from being a force.  

 8  Chipper Daniels Sr  Kid can straight flash leather. Makes a great play every viewing. Top of his class defensively.  
 9  Wil Leathers So  Not his best day offensivley. Is going to be a good player for the Warriors
 10 Nate Cook  Sr  Did a good job behind the plate and collected a couple of hits on the day. 

Chris Bates and the Riverside Warriors put on a baseball clinic in the pro workout and then dominated two quality teams in a three-way scrimmage. Now, DP will give you detailed prospect reports for our readers. We will start with the most impressive team on the day, the Riverside Warriors. The Warriors shut out Laurens jumping out to an early 6-0 lead and proceded to jump on Hillcrest 9-0 before Hillcrest would tack on a few runs late in the ballgame. In the other game, Hillcrest defeated Laurens 6-1 gathering ten hits in five innings. 

Prospect Info: Riverside Warriors

RothM-sign.jpgMichael Roth-Senior, USC signee, P/1B/OF: Every so often a player comes along that is very talented and it’s combined with a deadly focus that only wants to destroy the opposition to win. Roth (right) was like a machine on Saturday. He would walk stoically to the plate with his head down in total concentration, step in the box, look at the pitcher and square up baseballs. He was 5-for-6 in two games with the only out being made on a fastball that he nearly missed driving out of the park, sending a fly ball into the stratosphere to deep right. It is very clear he plans to lead his team to another state championship before he graduates.  On the bump, it was more of the same mentality. He threw his fastball at the knees on the outside corner complimenting it with a change-piece that resulted in numerous 4-3 groundouts. Roth worked three quick, scoreless innings surrendering one weak hit. He made it a pleasure to watch baseball Saturday. Roth should contend, if not be a favorite, for most statewide post-season awards entering the season.

Jordan Scott-Sophomore, OF: Bats left and throws right playing the centerfield position. Scott made all the plays look easy in the outfield getting terrific jumps on the ball. He barreled up baseballs tallying three hits on the afternoon. He can run a little as well. A definite 2010 propsect.

Kevin Cantrell-Junior, RHP/: The big boy is listed at 6’3" 200 pounds, and posseses arm strength on the mound. His fastball was consistently 85 and appears a lot harder to the eye. He turned over a nice 12-6 curveball that he could throw for a strike. Cantrell still has some improving to do with his control especially with the fastball. He was in a lot of deep counts and sometimes failed to stick a fastball for a strike, but he didn’t get hit on this day. Cantrell is a guy to follow in the 09’s for school’s in search of a good arm.

Rob Kish-Unsigned senior, RHP/OF: Kish is a guy in the low to mid-80’s that gets outs by pitching. He’s not going to dominate hitters at the next level with strikeouts, but he’s got some pitchability and understands himself. He’s mentally ahead of high school hitters.

Chipper Daniels-Unsigned senior, 3B: If you’ve recruited hitters first and want to bring in an infielder to sharpen your team’s defensive play, here’s the guy. Daniels is a plus defensive third baseman. He makes a great play every time we view this kid, and he has yet to make an error. He has improved at the plate gathering a single and a triple today, and carried himself with more confidence in the box. Daniels will fit the mold for a team looking save some runs in an infield spot.