Banks Alexander


By: Austin Alexander

Monday, December 28: Over our four years of DP’s existence, the majority of info on our site does not pertain to personal matters off the field. But sometimes, this site is the quickest and easiest way to disburse info to baseball people about baseball people or baseball matters.

Many of you have been very gracious with inquiries as it pertains to the recent pregancy complications for my wife Rita and me. Well, what we hoped would be a routine doctor’s visit on Monday turned into a serious fire drill to rescue the baby when my wife’s blood pressure spiked. At 3:08 PM I received a call that she would be rushed into delivery at 4:00, the next hour was an absolute whirlwind. 

I apologize for not being able to return every text or email, so I am using the website as my outlet to communicate with those who have interest.

banks-h20.jpgLong-story-short: The Caesarian delivery was complete at 4:31 PM on 12-28-09. Henry Banks Alexander was six weeks early but did weigh 6.0 pounds and measured 18 inches long. Because of the early nature of the desired timetable, "Banks" is having difficulty breathing and is presently getting medical assistance at this point. His Mom is resting comfortably as they continue monitoring the blood pressure but concern surrounding her condition improves with each hour that passes.

It is impossible for me to respond to each call, text and email at this point but we do appreciate the out-pouring of support. I will continue updating this post as the best way for me to communicate with interested parties. Please keep Rita and young Banks in your thoughts and prayers as hours and days pass.

Tuesday, December 29: What a difference prayers can make as evidenced by what we saw happen overnight. Both mom and the baby are doing much better a day later and Banks has been removed from the oxygen tank that was being pumped into his lungs. He is presently breathing on his own and may be able to join the other newborns in the next day or so. banks-nolankiss.jpgRita and I were able to hold him for the first time this afternoon, he finally was able to meet his big brother Nolan (left) later on Tuesday night.

Rita is rebounding great and has been up and moving around, a far cry from Monday afternoon. After fear for both of their lives the day before, Tuesday has been a wonderful day, even though we are not completely out of the woods just yet. Thank you to the many who have wished us well and kept our family in their prayers.

Wednesday, December 30: What was supposed to be my one week away from the "DP Whirlwind", turned into a giant rollercaster for sure. They are the 8 days I sprint toward all year long, and then enjoy when they arrive, the days spanning from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day. 

When you seldom get a reprieve from the grind, it’s commonplace to gear excitement toward family, etc during that period. But even when things speed up at a meteoric pace, it is more than easy to step back and observe/appreciate what is swirling.

This week for ‘my team’ continues to serve as a blessing toward the most important things in life, as far as I can discern. Kudos are still flowing from doctors and nurses as to the progress of mom and son.

Given where things stood on Monday night, our present state is clearly a miracle centered around the prayers that bombarded our family.

Unless things change overnight, Rita and Banks will leave the hospital and come home on Thursday.

Our family sends our appreciation out to you again for your prayers.

banks-homecoming.jpgThursday, December 31: My entire family is home, proof that miracles do happen! What seemed like a ‘pipe dream’ 72 hours ago happened today shortly after noon. While Rita’s blood pressure concern delayed our getway for a little while this morning, around 12:30 PM we loaded up the original clan + 1 and made our way home!

My wife and I would personally like to thank each and every one of you that kept our situation in your prayers. Your prayers were truly powerful and felt by us as we witnessed a very bad situation turn into a blessing. And… this week DP learned that people actually do still send kind emails!!

May God bless all of the DP Nation in 2010! Happy New Year’s to you and yours, and thanks once again for all of your support!