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palmettoelite-logo09.jpgSandgnats to merge with Palmetto Elite: The Palmetto Sandgnats recently made the decision to merge with the newly founded Palmetto Elite Baseball Club. Andy Hallett and Mark Bonnette, who have been coaching the Sandgnats for several years, will be joining the Elite coaching staff for the upcoming 2010 season. Both Andy and Mark have long and distinguished coaching backgrounds and will be a great addition to the impressive lineup of coaches for the Elite.

The Elite baseball club has moved the tryout scheduled for January 9th to January 23rd to be conducted at AC Flora High School. A special note for older kids who may be taking the SAT on the 23rd. Our tryout will start at 1:00 but we can make special arrangements if you will contact one of our coaches to let them know that you have a conflict.

Tripp Cromer, Kip Bouknight and Britt Borders have launched a new travel baseball program catering to serious players from 10-17 who are interested in playing at the next level. The Palmetto Elite will play in the best tournaments for maximum exposure and focus on teaching fundamentals and the nuances of the game. The Elite is committed to providing a travel baseball experience unlike any other in the state.

The Palmetto Elite Baseball Club (PEBC) is a new organization founded for the purpose of creating a baseball experience unmatched in the state of South Carolina. We are interested in identifying serious players who love the game and are committed to putting forth the effort to improve and get to the next level. PEBC will compete with the best teams in the country at each age group while staying true to the hallmark of our organization, player development. Whether you are a ten-year old preparing to play school baseball for the first time or a high school player with the desire to play in college or the pro’s, PEBC is committed to helping you develop the skills, work habits and mindset to meet your goals.

We are excited about the opportunity to build a program that focuses on teaching the fundamentals at an early age and graduates to learning the nuances of the game as demonstrated by only the best players. The Elite Players! If you want to be the best, join the elite. See you in January.

Tripp Cromer: [email protected] 

Kip Bouknight: [email protected]

Britt Borders: [email protected]

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I/we know of, and acknowledge the risks involved in the participation of this event and related activities, and understand that serious injury, and even death, is possible.  I/we choose to accept any and all responsibility for my child’s safety and welfare while participating in this event & related activities.   With full understanding of the risks involved, I/we release and hold harmless Palmetto Elite Baseball Club and its officials, coaches, and assistants of any and all responsibility and liability for any bodily and personal injuries, damage to property and the consequences resulting from my child’s participation, including any failure or defect of equipment in or on the premises.  I/we authorize Palmetto Elite Baseball club to provide emergency medical treatment for my child, should the need arise for such treatment in my absence.  Such care may include, but not be limited to, first aid treatment, transporting to a medical facility or summoning of emergency assistance. 



Please send form and fees to:  Palmetto Elite Baseball Club – 45 Avain Trail – Columbia, SC 29206

Make checks payable to Palmetto Elite Baseball ClubRegistration Fee =   $45.00