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– Website Hits by Year –    Month  2006  2007  2008  2009  2010  2011  2012  January  –  410,286  2,096,235  2,692,302  3,080,903  2,373,005  1,827,321  February  –  601,839  2,669,372  3,242,337  3,426,229  2,821,411  2,533,570  March  56,160  506,666  2,910,385  4,229,905  4,662,586  3.448,167  3,347,064  April  298,152  1,020,934  3,826,072  4,102,562  4,818,585  3,697,682  4,001,121  May  278,123  787,938  3,299,682  4,436,023  4,938,733  3,627,327  4,120,001  June  148,011  554,528  1,894,869  2,775,360  2,663,455  2,600,082  2,592,010  July  226,769  441,609  2,161,971  2,151,817  2,592,957  2,132,330  2,099,556  August  259,464  534,489  2,424,927  2,499,721  3,175,601  2,518,097  2,506,998  September  264,240  541,161  2,101,857  2,488,117  2,202,755  1.941,695  2,100,110  October  411,454  492,097  2,212,397  2,487,681  2,007,377  1,958,199  1,460,756  November  412,949  557,535  2,608,587  3,052,650  2,304,908  1,961,590  1,899,992  December  300,003  603,642  1,778,715  2,158,381  1,751,493  1,435,503  1,208,213  Total  2,655,325  7,052,724  29,985,069  36,316,856  37,625,279  30,515,088  29,696,712 Note: Hits began being recorded on March 26, 2006


Frequently Asked Questions Why is Diamond Prospects a subscription-based site? In order to continue bringing our viewers top-notch coverage statewide, it takes money. Money to cover travel expenses, scouting equipment and to compensate our staff. How do I subscribe? Our subscription page has all the details you may need. Click on the plan type, yearly or monthly, fill out the form and select your payment method. We offer direct credit card payments or payments via PayPal. How much does an annual/monthly subscription cost? An annual subscription costs $69.95, a monthly subscription is $12.95 How do I cancel my account? Subscription management is available on the account page. You can update, switch, or cancel your subscription. Only you can do this, we do not have access to your credit card info for your protection. If you choose to cancel, please do so or it will renew. I didn’t know that my subscription was set to renew on a monthly/annual basis, what can I do? Each new customer is informed in multiple places that the subscriptions remain active, and will renew, until the member cancels the account. Once it renews, it is non-refundable. Assistance with your account, billing, or login: For us to assist any issue you may be having with your account, please use our contact form. Showcases/Rankings What will I/my son get out of attending a Diamond Prospects showcase? Exposure. We don’t sell players, players sell themselves. We give them the stage to do it, however. Each player will be given the opportunity to run, throw, field and hit in front of evaluators. FYI, 193 in-state players taken in the 2007-2022 MLB Draft had previously attended a DP showcase. What schools will be in attendance at the next Diamond Prospects Showcase? We have absolutely no control over who attends, or does not attend, a DP event. We can tell you that over 100 different colleges and 30 pro clubs have attended a DP event each year since 2006. Some events are more heavily attended than others depending on various other demands that a college coach/scout face on a daily basis. FYI, we do invite over 200 schools and scouts to attend. Can any player attend a Diamond Prospects Showcase? In some cases yes, in some cases no. We host two events that are ‘invitation-only’, a player must receive an invitation from us and the application is posted online alongside the invite list. All other showcases are open to any player that aspires to play beyond high school. Any available information on upcoming events can be found at Diamond Showcases on the DP site. How does a player get named to a prospect list or find their way into a ranking? We are trying to identify players that project to play beyond high school. Virtually every player named in Palmetto Prospects or in our Diamond Rankings has been seen by a member of our DP staff. In most cases, we have seen those players multiple times. The only exception would be with the recommendation of a college coach and, occasionally, a high school coach. And no, parental requests do not land a name in our database. To view much more, click here. Does a player have to attend a Diamond Prospects Showcase to be ranked? Absolutely not. We exhaust a great deal of our finances and time digging around South Carolina for talent. However, we cannot find every good player, attending a DP event ensures that we don’t miss you. To view much more, click here. Does attending a Diamond Prospects Showcase ensure that I/my son will be ranked? No, not 100 percent of the players that attend our “open” showcases project to play past high school. To view much more, click here. I sent in my son’s application and payment but have not heard anything from DP? As stated in multiple places on the application that a parent/guardian must sign, it is clearly said that until all variables are in front of us, all info will be posted on the website at that time, which is typically a week before the event. A cashed check does serve as confirmation that the player’s app has been accepted and that he is ‘in’. The DP website is our way to disburse info to everyone versus calling each person one-by-one. Additionally, if a player signs up for an event and cannot attend, the payment is non-refundable. How are DP’s ‘invite-only’ events selected? The Palmetto Games, Border Battle and Pro Day are very strict, invite-only events. Our Diamond Prospects staff saw over 300 prep games during this past spring, a number of our staff members coach and evaluate year around. Additionally, DP is in constant contact with high school coaches, college coaches and pro scouts. Therefore, our high volume of viewings and feedback from multiple others are what we eventually make our decisions based on. We place the majority of value on how a player ‘projects’ down the road as a prospect, combined with his performance on the field. Statistics and individual awards do not factor into the invitation process. Additionally, a player does not have to attend an ‘open’ event to be eligible for the our invite showcases.

About DP

-About Us- Diamond Prospects landed in South Carolina in January of 2006 and has covered high school baseball across the state like never before. Growing up in the Palmetto State we recall how difficult it is to attract attention from the next level. With a number of years in the college coaching ranks, our travel and experiences have exposed us to better ways of setting the stage for next-level players. In addition to becoming South Carolina’s #1 scouting service, we have also rolled out tons of information for our readers! While our bread and butter will remain the coverage of high school baseball and its top prospects, we also aim to better-inform players, parents and coaches in every aspect of the game. Here’s a quick rundown of our resume: Within our first five years of existence, the website has received over 100 million hits… Every single South Carolina high school player, except for one, selected in the 2007-2023 Major League Baseball Draft had attended a DP event… 26 DP Alumni have played in Major League Baseball…206 DP alums have been drafted by an MLB team… One hundred percent of the colleges in our state have a DP account and most check the site daily… Over 100 different colleges and pro clubs have attended a DP Showcase… More!  Event Alumni As you can see, Diamond Prospects continues to grow and has changed the landscape of scouting in South Carolina while benefitting scores of young players, coaches and scouts. TheDiamondProspects.com is the headquarters of high school baseball in this state but you’ll also find it to be an informative site filled with interesting articles written by interesting baseball people! Please email your spring, summer and fall schedules to [email protected] or mail to PO Box 51438, Myrtle Beach, SC 29579. With your help, we will get out and cover baseball in South Carolina the way it’s supposed to be done! If you are interested in upcoming events that will be hosted by Diamond Prospects, stay tuned to the website or you may also email us your contact information, we want to keep you in the loop! Check us out and see what you think…then tell others!